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Writing Web Copy – Is Grammar Important in Writing Web Copy?

writing web copy

Do you use proper English grammar when writing web copy for your site or blog? Or, do you use writing the same as when you send text messages or email?

When teaching creative writing for web design sometimes we forget about the words we use.

This piece is all about website copy writing grammar and I hope it will help you in writing presentable Internet pages.

Is Grammar Important in Writing Web Copy? – Why Grammar Is Not Everything!

You are ready to write new content for your web pages.

Should you do your writing in the tradition of a college term paper where every sentence is scrutinized?

Should you use styles learned in a web design course, or just let your words flow? Understand that all copy writing is not equal.

It may seem like a contradiction but grammar is indeed not everything when it comes to writing copy.

Writing Exceptional Website Copy

When producing a website article, news story or press release, there are various factors that have to be considered in order to write truly exceptional copy,

This is the kind of copy that people will find useful enough to actually finish reading.

Find out what these are and learn how to use them together in order to maintain balance in your written work:

The Most Important Thing in Web Copy is Content

Content in this context refers to substance, which is the overall worth of the write-up. It doesn’t refer to the number of words used or type of words you chose to use.

What does your write-up say? What value can the readers get out of it? Are you substituting good grammar and big words because you have nothing else to say?

Don’t Fill Articles with Three-Dollar Words

Although you shouldn’t be afraid of big words, it’s always better not to complicate things for your readers.

Determine your target audience first. Discover their interests, capacity, what they find useful and interesting; and then write for them.

By placing more importance on what your readers can get out of your web report, you will be producing more substance out of your copy.

After all, what’s great grammar if there’s nothing good in what you have to say?

When Writing Web Copy Don’t be Distracted by Grammar

One common mistake among writers is obsessing about grammar when they begin to write. As a result, they get distracted, derailed from their train of thought.

Imagine having a really terrific idea and then worrying over where to place a comma or which clause to use first.

The great ideas and content that could have come out of you as a web content writer and made your writing better can get lost or confused with other ideas and concerns.

Speed Writing for Web Copy

When trying to learn better writing skills, don’t worry too much about grammar, at least at first. Write down words as they come to you.

Don’t let the subject of grammar bother you when inspiration strikes. Only when you’re done should you then go over what you have written to check and improve it.

A good tip from an expert in teaching creative writing is to jot down three words related to your article and write as quickly as you can using each of those words or phrases in paragraphs.

Then see what you have written, then edit.

Only then should grammar be a concern. After all, how can you proofread something you haven’t even written yet?

Would Faulkner or Hemingway make Good Web Content Writers ?

The great American writers Ernest Hemingway and William Faulkner had a famous rivalry.

Faulkner, a writer praised for his intricate prose style (that initially confused his readers), criticized Hemingway’s trademark simplicity.

Hemingway fired back, saying that there are ‘simpler and better words’, even saying that Faulkner shouldn’t think that ‘big emotions come from big words’.

Refusing to give in and use what he called ’10-dollar words’ (bigger than three-dollar words?), Hemingway continued to write in his simple, easy style.

He is still a well-loved and much-admired author today.

Grammar in Web Content Writing is NOT Everything But >>

Grammar may not be everything but it is still a major component of good copy. You can’t just ignore the value of good grammar because it isn’t the end-all of writing web articles.

Good grammar is equated to professionalism and is considered the true sign of a skilled and experienced professional.

Furthermore, it’s also considered as one of the signs that what you have written is reliable for your Internet readers. Bad grammar, on the other hand, is for amateurs, lazy writers and scammers.

Although grammar is not everything in writing copy for the web, don’t ignore it. Use it as a means to improve what you have already written and progress as a web copy writer. Your readers will thank you for it! Want to learn more about designing websites?

Writing Web Copy