What If You Don't Know HTML

What If You Don’t Know HTML?

Create a Web Page? What If You Don’t Know HTML?

What If You Don't Know HTMLThis is for the non-techie people who still want to do something online. The question I’m asked often is; Can you create a web page if you don’t know HTML or other languages?

I know you have heard terms like PHP or HTML in website design ads but do you really need to know these principals?

Well, yes and no dependent upon where you want to go in your Internet page design skills.

Can a Webpage be Created Without HTML?

Do you want free services, hire a webmaster or learn the language of the IT people? This is a simple tutorial to help you decide if you want to learn HTML for beginning novices.

These days it seems like everyone has a website of their own, and you can find practically any information or product that you are looking for on the web. If you are still not on the Internet and want to be, you can do these easily using a number of different beginning website design resources.

Those that are just looking to put up a personal page who don’t know any of the programming languages can go to websites that offer free Internet pages. Many of these also offer software to make it easy for them to create their website.

They’ll need very little high technical knowledge. If such software isn’t included, it can be purchased relatively inexpensively.

Why You Should Consider Learning HTML

Taking time to learn a bit of HTML and possibly other programming languages such as PHP doesn’t have to be that difficult. Also, it can really help with traffic generation if you are starting a home based online business.

Those owning businesses will probably prefer to pay for hosting and do an ownership search for their own domain name so they have more flexibility with their site, as well as the ability to take their existing url with them should they change hosts, a.k.a. ISP.

The Best Web Site Design?

First, one of the most important factors when designing website pages besides looks is what web surfers call usability.

A site with good layout means that a Webmaster followed basic Internet design standards and made the site easy to use and comprehensible for its targeted audience. This is the foundation for good website designing.

Regardless of whether you use a free site or pay to put up your web pages, you will want to spend some time planning your website out so that it can achieve your goals and look its best.

You want to figure out what information you need to include, as well as the best way to lay out this information for your visitors so that they can easily find what they need.

You don’t want anything too complicated. You don’t want a web site that is too busy or people won’t tend to stay or visit the site again.

Common mistakes made by those with only beginning website design skills include making pages that are too cluttered or take too long to load. They add long blocks of text, using color schemes that are difficult to read, or poorly designing the website.

This makes it difficult for people to find the information they are looking for.

You want to make sure to avoid these mistakes. Also be sure to use proper English and to spell and grammar check everything you put up so that there are no mistakes.

This only takes a couple minutes and it will make your website much more appealing and credible.

Put Good Words on Your New Website

Web content and originality is very important. Unless a reader has something to read, information to review, or some sort of discussion of a product and service, she won’t stay long. And, there is a good chance she won’t return.

So, whether you use a store bought program or if you learn to design a website using HTML language, be sure you have a plan for a good web site first. Can you design a website even if you don’t know HTML? Of course you can! You choose based on time or money to invest.

Don't Know HTML?