Your Website: Design To Sell

Website: Design To SellIn today’s world of “quick & cheap”, many people forget to design a website that sells.

A BIG mistake!

Would you buy meat from a grocery store that left the bad meat in with the good meat or wasn’t clean?

Would you buy a car from a sales lot that had totaled automobiles on the front lot?

I wouldn’t and neither would you. Your website is your grocery store; your car lot.

Make Your Website a Pleasure to Visit

You must have an atmosphere that is pleasing to buyers.

One that tells that buyer that you are not an amateur, but instead a trained, seasoned professional. That’s up to you.

Your site is a direct reflection of your product and that is why that having a well designed website can make or break your sales.

Learn More about Designing a Web Site to Sell Products or Services for Beginners

By: Joseph McCully

The first thing to keep in mind when designing your website, is “surf ability”. Take a few minutes a look around at several web pages.

What makes them appealing?

Were there some that you closed out of immediately? Why? Take notes and do your research.

Keep in mind that when a person visits your site they have a goal in mind.

Give Them What They Want

Website visitors are either seeking information or shopping for a product. Give the person what they want without having to search for it.

Be sure that all the information on your site is relevant to your product. Make the buyer think that they need your product to solve their problem.

Make Online Shopping Easy

Your main page serves a very specific purpose. It should be an avenue by which the customer can shop your site. It should be easy to view and load very quickly.

This is your first impression and we all know that first impressions can either close the deal or loose the deal. Make it simple.

It is best to have links that are easily view-able by the reader that will navigate them to where they want to be. Doing this with easy wordpress templates is amazing. Tables are often a great choice when deciding on a way to design the main page of your site.

Website Speed is Essential!

Your main page should load very quickly, chances are if it takes the page more than ten seconds to load even on a slow cable modem, the customer will click away to save time, hoping to find the information or product elsewhere.

To increase the loading speed of your main page you should avoid large graphics or excessive graphics. To many banners or special effects can cause a page to load slowly as well.

Colorful – But Charming

To make your web site more appealing to the eyes, you should stick to mild colors. If your site is a content site where the user will be doing a lot of reading, it is best to stick to black and white.

Color can be added when using tables, as a way to brighten up the page, but remember to keep the overall look of the page professional and appealing to the audience that will be visiting most often.

Be aware of the fact that the overall look of your website is a way to make money. The appearance of the site, if designed properly, can be an excellent marketing strategy for your product or service.

Using Website Ad Strategies to Sell Online

With hundreds of millions of website designs for business out there, it can be tough to focus the attention of potential customers on yours.

The most sophisticated efforts can come to naught unless you’re using the right advertising strategies for your business. Let’s take a look at how you can develop and optimize advertising strategies that drive traffic to your site.

Although it may seem obvious, you need to work out a detailed plan on how you might best reach your audience.

For example, if you sell boating equipment, there are several communities of boat owners and devotees of water sports.

Fishermen, in both the sportsman and commercial categories should be targeted in your advertising campaign. How about scuba divers?

You can see that there are lots of niche markets with potential customers lurking in their ranks. Make a list of all the types of groups, organizations and individuals who may buy your products.

Design a Website with Business in Mind

Your marketing strategies must include some serious consideration of search engines. Take it upon yourself to find out how search engines work, the indexing algorithms and time frames required for your site to get picked up.

This is a complex topic. If you can afford it, you might want to engage the services of an SEO expert, for which I recommend contacting for any questions. This is one advertising strategy expenditure that pays for itself.

On the other hand, there’s no reason you can’t balance your expenses and make use of as many free advertising venues as you can find.

Also, keep in mind you can get good web hosting for your website at affordable prices.

In the case of the boating equipment website, try writing some informative articles on your own products or a how-to type which gives your reader useful info. Submit to article directories and get a byline and link to your site.

Write Good Web Content for Traffic Generation

You probably know that quality website content and links to your site improves your search engine ranking. You want as much of each of these as you can get. Content translates to the search engines as information, which is the name of the game today. To get ahead of the game, you could hire experts in SEO and web development services.

The more links you have, the better off you are. This not only improves your credibility with the search engines, but also gets your site exposed to as many potential customers as possible. Add, add and add more.

Start a Newsletter

If you don’t have an electronic newsletter or zine, develop one as part of your advertising strategies. It’s free advertising. You can get your zine out using Aweber very effectively.

Develop or purchase some feature pieces and do the research to fill in the rest of your contents with interesting or useful tidbits, freebies and the like and analyze all these.

“Give, Then Take”

Any good advertising strategy includes giving.

For example, offering a visitor a free gift, such as a downloadable E-book, when they subscribe to your e-newsletter or zine is a good incentive to subscribe, builds your readership and keeps your website fresh in the visitor’s memory.

So, when you are ready to design a business website to sell a product or service online keep these tips in mind. Who knows, you might come up with another Ebay or Google! Well, maybe not but you can make a decent income online with the right web design courses and strategies – Even if you are a beginner.

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