Webhooks for Beginners – Full Course

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What are webhooks? Webhooks allow different web applications and services to communicate with each other. In this course for beginners, you will learn everything you need to know about webhooks. You will learn to implement webhooks with and without code.

πŸ’» Teacher notes and code:

✏️ Course developed by Craig Dennis, who is a Developer Educator at Twilio.

⭐️ Course Contents ⭐️
Unit 1 – Integration
⌨️ Video 1 – Welcome (00:00:00)
⌨️ Video 2 – Defining Events, Handlers, and Hooks (00:04:51)
⌨️ Video 3 – Lightbulb moment (00:09:12)
⌨️ Video 4 – Finding Inspiration (00:17:11)
Unit 2 – Capturing Data from a Webhook
⌨️ Video 1 – Diving into Webhooks (00:23:33)
⌨️ Video 2 – Explore the Request (00:28:28)
⌨️ Video 3 – Using the Data (00:37:34)
⌨️ Video 4 – Developing Locally (00:46:32)
⌨️ Video 5 – Opening a Tunnel (00:57:34)
⌨️ Video 6 – Serverless (01:17:17)
Unit 3 – Hooking it altogether
⌨️ Video 1 – Introducing the projects (01:34:52)
⌨️ Video 2 – Text Affirmation (01:38:33)
⌨️ Video 3 – Setting up the flow (01:44:45)
⌨️ Video 4 – Handle things locally (01:56:34)
⌨️ Video 5 – Deploying your serverless function (02:11:46)
⌨️ Video 6 – That’s a Wrap (02:22:53)

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22 thoughts on “Webhooks for Beginners – Full Course”

  1. Ok… seriously! YOU ARE CHANGING MY LIFE HERE MAN! Your API course was freakin amazing and now this. You may just be the cure for 2020. just saying

  2. 2:25:40 That was like at the end of a class, teacher comes and says ok you learned a lot now its time to give an exam. So, tuck up your notebook and start revising. Haha (but it was not in this case.) Thanks for this wonderful lecture.!!

  3. What A Awesome tutorial just keep it rolling, Craig you are the man thank you so much for this amazing way of teaching and to all making this video cheers

  4. This was one tutorial I thoroughly enjoyed.
    Thanks for building it slowly by adding relevant pieces of architecture
    But the things that got be hooked were keaune Reves ref and puns and roses…. Thanks for making webhooks so easy to understand

  5. super fun to watch, watched your API course a couple of days ago and now I’m watching this.
    Craig makes learning new concepts A LOT LESS overwhelming AND entertaining (dad jokes πŸ˜‚).
    Great teacher, great course, Thank you so much for what you’re doing

  6. Christian Agoston

    Really awesome setup!!! Cool animations and really good teacher!!! Thank you for your effort πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  7. I think that little bug you ran into around 1:30:00 was because you set environment variables while the netlify server was running and those are loaded in only when a server starts. When you republished, it forced the server to restart and then it pulled in your environment variables.

  8. I can feel the amount of effort put into this tutorial, appreciate that! Thanks

  9. Great tutorial very thought trugh. With a strong explanations and also great examples.

  10. Let me preface this by saying…you are amazing sir! This is without a doubt, the greatest webhook vid of all times!! I’m attempting to build my first event driven serverless webhook architecture and have been tasked with using AWS only. Could you possibly point me in the direction of some tutorials, repos or videos that would help with this? I basically just need you sir to quickly create a tutorial using AWS instead of Netlify…please…and the more puns the better!

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