Web Scraping with Python – Beautiful Soup Crash Course

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Learn how to perform web scraping with Python using the Beautiful Soup library.

✏️ Tutorial by JimShapedCoding. Check out his YouTube Channel:

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⭐️ Course Contents ⭐️
Local HTML Scraping:
⌨️ (00:00) Basic HTML Structure, HTML Tags Explanation
⌨️ (05:35) Packages Installation
⌨️ (07:23) Scraping Usage, Local files
⌨️ (12:41) Beautiful Soup find & find_all() methods
⌨️ (16:22) Web Browser Inspect tool
⌨️ (18:30) Grab all Prices, Basic Scraping Project

Website Scraping:
⌨️ (24:48) Using the Requests Library to see a Website's HTML
⌨️ (30:10) Scraping a Production Website, Best practices for pulling info
⌨️ (44:05) Looping through similar soup.find_all() objects

Features addition:
⌨️ (48:26) Prettifying the Jobs paragraph
⌨️ (54:05) Jobs Filtration by owned skills
⌨️ (57:45) Setting up the Project to scrape every 10 minutes
⌨️ (1:01:53) Storing the jobs paragraph in text files

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35 thoughts on “Web Scraping with Python – Beautiful Soup Crash Course”

  1. Thanks to FCC for posting my Web Scraping course.
    This is a huge achievement for me as a consistent learner from this channel 🙂
    I hope to see you all around in my future uploads!

    1. DO YOU REALIZE how helpful this is??? you’re amazing!! subbed to your actual channel as well 😀

    2. Great Explanation . Great tutor . Explained each and everything in very simple and logical way . You deserve my salute for this lecture SIR !

  2. The amount of hard work and dedication you guys put to create such free content is just Amazing!!!

  3. Brayden Plowman

    Just wanted to say thank you! One of the best tutorials that I have seen on webscraping, and very easy to understand and follow. Great Job!

  4. This is definitely one of the best hours I spent on YouTube. Quality content for free. We don’t deserve this…

    1. @Uvais Hassan and @Diego Guisasola I agree with both of you! Your comments are deep! 💡

    2. Richard G Buchanan Jr.

      You don’t deserve this. Speak for yourself.😬😬😵‍💫

  5. JimShapedCoding

    I see some comments about people receive none from scraping responses, unfortunately it might be expected from websites that are dynamically changed and being updated, there is a great chance that the website had some updates in this 4-month span, and then it affects your results. Try to scrape differently by inspecting to the elements like I show in the website user interface 🙂

    1. Hi @JimShapedCoding I tried your way of scrapping website but I am getting empty list for whatever tags I give. Can you please share why this is happening?

    2. Zac Macchesney

      For me i copied the html file wrongly from his github. Make sure to to open the page in a browser to make sure you’ve copied it correctly.

  6. Marko Tammeorg

    I just have to say, this is the best webscraping course I have seen so far. Very well done !

  7. I thought this skill would be way above my level as i’m still a student mid way through my under-graduate , but you guys made it look like a child’s play. I’m actually able to do web scraping after watching your video. Well done FCC team , good job boys💪🔥.

  8. Absolutely brilliant course. An excellent introduction to web scraping and how python programmers solve problems. Well done.

  9. I have to give a big thumb up for this tutorial!!!! Very well explained, easy to understand and great pace! I hope to see more tutorials from this teacher. Thanks!!!

  10. this is what I call quality content. Very logically presented and instructed. Thank you very much for contributing to my future’s success in Python.

  11. Excellent tutorial for a total web scraping novice, after watching this I’m already able to pull data from several different websites for my own use case. Knowing very little html coming in, I already feel like I know enough to get to some useful information to analyze offline. Very easy to follow and a great flow by the presenter Jim. Thank you.

  12. Sayak Samaddar

    Just a suggestion @37:09 it is better to use text.strip() method to remove unnecessary space from the beginning and the end. replace removes spaces from the company name as well.

  13. Thank you! This was a great introduction for a total beginner to scraping. By the end of it, I was able to use what you taught me on a different website, and I’m starting a scraping project now with what I just learned.

  14. janaki yeluripati

    Voww voww voww. I loved this tutorial. Followed from beginning to end. I liked it that you put the filtering condition while scraping the data, extra features and all. Just awesome. This is a must watch for all beginners. Huge thanks to both Jim and FCC

  15. Great video! Great tutorial! Great teacher! You have explained it very clearly, thank you!

  16. Great Explanation . Great tutor . Explained each and everything in very simple and logical way . You deserve my salute for this lecture SIR !

  17. Friday Emmanuel James

    Just 15 minutes into the course and I’m already feeling like a web scraping pro 😊😊. Thank you so much

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