Web Design Inspiration

Don’t Know Where to Start? – Get Motivated with Web Design Inspiration

web design inspiration
web design inspiration

Creating a new website can be fun and exciting. But where do you get the web design inspiration to come up with a site theme?

If you’re still in the “decision” mode about your site’s theme, then here are some ideas to get your brain in gear.

Business or Personal Website Design?

One of the first things to decide is whether your site will be for business or personal use. Will you sell your own products or services, build a site for advertising, or sell affiliate products for a commission?

If building a website for business, then set aside personal aspirations and think totally “web business!”

You’ll have to treat it just as you would a brick-and-mortar business, and be proactive in your promotions, bookkeeping, site design and updates, customer service, etc.

If designing for personal reasons, you can be a little more flexible. Don’t think too hard about it:

  • Choose a theme that suits you in your personal life.
  • Make it something you enjoy, whether it be a favorite hobby, sports, crafts, music, games, people or other interests

I’m pretty sure that in here you will find lots of inspiration.

See these 101 personal website ideas to get inspired quickly.

You’ll be pouring many hours into your site, whether for business or personal. Getting inspired for your web designing project doesn’t always come over night. You’ll probably be inspired more and more as you start to work on your site.

You’ll think of new ideas as you go along in the process of designing a website. So be flexible and write down all your ideas as they come to you.

Business Website with a Personal Touch

Perhaps you have a hobby or skill, and feel it can be used to start a lucrative niche business. A niche business is one that feels a need among a small group of people. And on the Internet, that small group could be hundreds of thousands of people!

You might like fishing, for example, but a niche would be an entire site about fishing lures (even specific types of lures).

Or, perhaps you like sewing, so you can narrow your site to be just about sewing quilts or window coverings. I’ve included 101 other personal web site ideas to give you even more inspiration.

The great thing about finding a personal like and turning it into a business website is you’ll have an ongoing passion for it, even after the business has become somewhat mundane to you.

You can continue through good and bad times because you’ll be doing something you love. That’s where true website design project inspiration comes into play!

Now, if you are more interested in looking directly into the business site section, here are 101 business website ideas for you to ponder.

We do want to cover more bases. How many can you add to these?

Steps to Get Started with Your Web Design Idea

Once you have an idea of the type of website you’d like to create, get started by writing down your ideas on paper.

Do research online to find helpful resources, other similar websites and real market statistics about the product or service you’re considering. Find out if there is a demand for it on the Web, and whether or not it’s a competitive market.

Speak with a designer or two to discuss design ideas, costs, etc. Or, take a web design course to learn how to design on your own.

If you design your own site, you’ll save hundreds or thousands of dollars in the long run because you’ll eliminate designer fees and update costs for future changes to your site.

Web Design Inspiration