Web Design Careers – Working For Web Design Companies

web design careerAs you begin looking into web design careers, you’ll likely find yourself in need of jobs / clients from the very beginning.

Contacting and working with some of the best web design companies you can find will help you gain experience in the industry. And, you’ll likely get paid while building your Webmaster skills.

Perhaps you’d like to partner with a few as an “extra” when they need a helping hand. This can get your foot in the door for some larger projects in the future.

How to Start Web Design Careers – Tips for Working with the Best Web Design Companies

Maybe you’re thinking of going full time with a design company instead of working as a freelancer. Either way, here are some tips to help you find and contact the best web designing firms available.

Determine Your Web Design Career Goals

Before making any contacts, determine what your goals are as a designer.

Do you desire to work with large corporate clients or small businesses?

Do you prefer to design large, detailed websites with a database, log-on capabilities and/or a huge product line?

Or, would you rather design simplistic sites selling just a few products or services?

Once you determine the goals for your web design business, then you can contact other designers that have similar goals.

Read Reviews about Web Design Careers

Most of the best web design companies that have been around for 5+ years will have customer reviews you can read online.

Look up web designer review sites through Google. Check with Better Business Bureau and designer rating sites to ensure you’re working with a reputable company. The last thing your business needs is to be associated with a web designer that has treated people poorly in the past!

Make Some Contacts

The method used to contact web design companies for a potential partnership or venture may vary depending on the company. Some might welcome email messages while others are easier to reach by phone or postal mail.

An old way that works well is to send a letter by mail explaining who you are and your ideas (make sure it’s professionally written), and then phone the company after it arrives to ask if they received your letter.

This gives you an immediate open door to speak to the owner or manager, and second contacts are always easier than the first!

Focus on Benefits

When speaking with web design company owners, be sure to highlight your skills and why you feel working with them will benefit their company.

Let them know that you’re willing to do the overflow work they might have or jump in during a hectic project to help them “catch up” on a tight deadline.

Some might need your help right away while others might put your card in their Rolodex for later. Either way, you can let them know that your service is available to them at a reasonable price.

Working with a few of the best web design companies will help you build a name for yourself or maybe even get hired on as a full time designer for a great company. Keep your options open and make as many contacts as it takes to get response. With the right firm backing you and quality design work, you’ll soon find yourself very busy with great clients!

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