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Web Copywriting – Is Grammar Important in Writing Web Copy?

Learning proper web copywriting is one of the most important sections of learning web design but many people don’t take the time to do it well. This article will cover some tips for being a web copy writer, or at least you’ll be able to proof the work of others.

Use English Correctly (Or Whatever Language You’re Using)Web copywriting

First, do you use proper English grammar when you write copy for the web? Or, do you use writing the same as when you send text messages or email? If you’re not good in English language, you can take English language courses and programs.They also offer counseling and assistance to help you further personally.

This piece is all about web copywriting grammar and I hope it will help you in writing presentable Internet pages.

It was once said that no one ever erected a statue to a critic which leads into the topic of this web copywriting topic. There are times when writing can inspire such strong emotions that you find yourself becoming critical or overly clever.

The Facets of Internet Content Writing

While it may sound or look good to you and a few people who know you, it may not always have the same kind of reception with the rest of your audience.

How do You “Sound” When You Write?

By using a tone of writing carelessly, you might not get the kind of results you want. Here are reasons why you should avoid being clever and critical just to write copy and how to improve your writing instead:

The Clever and Arrogant Internet Copywriter

You’ve probably come across writers who try too hard to impress their audience. You will agree that they often seem condescending and annoying. The reader’s usual reaction is often, ‘What, does this writer think I’m dumb?

By being too clever, you’ll alienate your audience, who won’t be too pleased at being subjected to a write-up that seems to insinuate that they are ignorant. Instead, speak to them the way you would to a respected colleague and don’t simply assume that you know better.

Web copywriting and grammarCriticize Everything but Yourself

There are writing styles and topics that call for a writer to use a critical tone. Satire, for example, is very often critical. However, really great writers still manage to inject good humor into the writing, which is actually a sign of genuine talent.

When writing reviews, for example, you also need to be critical in order to inform the reader the positive and negative points of the person, event or product being reviewed.

Being critical could be harsh but if you can phrase your sentences well, your write-up will be easier and more fun to read.

Shakespeare Told the Obvious Story – So Should You in Your Web Page Copy

No, it’s not about iambic pentameters and rhymes but being able to state the obvious without doing so. Instead of confronting the issue upfront by being clever and critical, find ways to describe, illustrate, critique or opine.

You can add words, take out a few, use metaphors and other uses of the language. The key here is to produce a well-written piece. Just don’t overdo it, though or people will know you’re trying to be clever.

Be a Web Copywriter – Not a Jerk!

You don’t have to be offensive just so people will know that you have something to say. Sometimes, writers can’t help using strong language when trying to be critical about something. Some writers may even use strong language in the hopes of preventing boredom in their readers.

However, this type of writing for the web often backfires since not everyone is appreciative of language used only in B action movies and street fights. If you use strong language out of context, your readers might think that you are either trying to be clever or being overly critical.

Increase Your Word Power

Instead of falling into this trap, turn to useful references such as a dictionary or a thesaurus for better alternatives. You’d be surprised at how well you can write copy that expresses exactly what you want to say using well-chosen words. You’ll gain more respect for it.

Make It Funny Copy Instead of Critical

Instead of being clever and critical when writing copy, consider appealing to your readers’ funny side. Some of the best writing ever produced used humor to express opinions and ideas even about the most serious of topics.

Doing so will allow you to explore a different aspect of your subject and to offer your readers a means to see things in a different light.

Now that you know more about copy writing for web designers – and what NOT to do, get started in making your online presence a joy for readers and keep them coming back time after time.

After all, your main reason for writing web copy is to get and keep more visitors, right?

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