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Web Browser Check

web browser checkAre Your Visitors Seeing An Ugly Website? Take care of this with a web browser check for your website.

Explorer vs Netscape vs Firefox

Do a Web Browser Check with Explorer, Firefox and Netscape Navigator

Mandatory! Do your web browser check! Make sure your website visitors are seeing what you intended.

Check your site with IE, Netscape and Mozilla Firefox web browsers to make sure.

This article explains a few things about checking web design compatibility for your users. If you’re interested in satisfying them, then this is worth reading.

I had to learn about checking browsers the hard way!

When I finished designing my web site, I discovered then that 85 to 90 percent of all Internet users view the Web using either Netscape Navigator or Microsoft Internet Explorer.

I used Netscape Composer to design my entire website, as well as to view and check my web pages online for accuracy.

Little did I know that my website looked great on Netscape, but terrible on Microsoft Internet Explorer (MIE). I had both browsers on my computer system, but never thought of viewing my website using both.

I read a discussion group posting about the subject and realized that I needed to view my website using MIE also. So, I pulled up my homepage using the MIE browser, and it was a disaster, I almost had to hire aisaster recovery team. My web page was quite a bit distorted. The text overlapped the navigation side bar, and

I couldn’t read a word of it. Also, my headlines looked really weird.

Luckily, I discovered this error before doing any major site promotions. But, I had already designed most of my site (approximately 50 to 60 web pages).

The problem was solved easily by simply re-sizing one table. But I had to resize that table on every web page of my site. This task was very time consuming. If I would have checked the first page outline using both browsers, I could have fixed the problem before designing the entire website.

Do you currently own Netscape and IE? What about Mozilla Firefox?

If you do not currently have access to both browsers on your system, I highly recommend that you get both to check your web pages. Or, find a friend that has the browser you don’t have and check your web pages with his/her browser.

Why check your web site design look with all browsers?

Checking your web site design results using all browsers will save you time and prevent you from losing valuable web business.

Keep in mind that the majority of Internet users view the web using either IE, Netscape or Mozilla Firefox.

If you design your site to be friendly only to one of these browsers, you’re missing out. This fatal mistake can result in complaints, lost visitors and business, as well as a bad reputation online.

Online users expect your site to be professional and easy to navigate and read. If it’s not, most will simply click out of your site, and some may even make an example out of your site as bad web design, ruining your reputation on the Web.

Please consider using Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator to view and check your web pages. No matter which program you use to design your site, try to make your website friendly to all Web surfers to maximize your website success.

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Web Browser Check