Web App Vulnerabilities – DevSecOps Course for Beginners

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In this DevSecOps course, you will learn how to take advantage of common web vulnerabilities, how to fix those vulnerabilities, and how to use DevSecOps tools to make sure your applications (and containers) are secure. You will also learn all about DevSecOps.

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✏️ Beau Carnes developed this course.

✏️ Eric Smalling teaches the last section of the course about securing containers. Eric is a Senior Developer Advocate at Snyk.io and has over 30 years of enterprise application development and consulting experience.
πŸ”— Eric is @ericsmalling on most social platforms (Twitter, LinkedIn, GitHub)

⭐️ Course Contents ⭐️
⌨️ (00:00:00) Introduction
⌨️ (00:00:29) What is DevSecOps?
⌨️ (00:01:12) Vulnerabilities
⌨️ (00:08:11) DevOps vs DevSecOps
⌨️ (00:14:02) Software Project Iceberg
⌨️ (00:15:25) Importance of DevSecOps
⌨️ (00:17:45) Exploiting Common Web App Vulnerabilities
⌨️ (00:37:53) Finding and Fixing Vulnerabilities with Snyk Code
⌨️ (00:49:01) Exploring Vulnerabilities Using the Snyk Web Interface
⌨️ (00:52:22) Securing Containers (featuring Eric Smalling)
⌨️ (01:28:31) Conclusion

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21 thoughts on “Web App Vulnerabilities – DevSecOps Course for Beginners”

  1. Guys, I m QA Automation engineer. I wanted to learn and Shift to DevOps. Could you Please do a video on this and help us ? Too many courses on YouTube

  2. This man seems so smart. I have followed him to finish a Mern stack project, but he keeps posting new tutorial video. How could he learn so fast ?

  3. The Atypical Developer

    I think that web app’s security is often ignored when developing an app or introducing new features. I really enjoyed ‘exploying vulnerabilities’ part of the vide. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

  4. Explore the World To Forget Yourself 🏞🏍

    Please guide me how to get real time experience on devops without working in a company to get a job

  5. After flirting with the idea of entering this space, I’ve always felt the need to learn the techniques used to build better solutions. In fact, this is what crippled me when ever given the idea of pursuing development. I know keep it simple and readable, but because of how I think and function I just couldn’t let this go to chance. My code needs to be at least somewhat secure or its just going to require rewriting. Can’t wait to see what he does next. My guy, I’d love to ask for a path. I generally ask for direction only, but in this case with this much material, I could really use a plan.
    Recently took an interview with an unnamed company that I am ecstatic about and also ready to jump into a DevOps role where I would like to bring Security to the forefront.

  6. I’m just starting a MERN full stack but man I’m feeling like code camp is throwing me warp speed into new learning modules.

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