Web App Testing with WebdriverIO – Crash Course

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WebdriverIO is an E2E automation framework built to automate modern web and mobile applications. It simplifies the interaction with your app and provides a set of plugins that help you create a scalable, robust and stable test suite.

In this video, we will be covering – What is WebdriverIO? How you can set up WebdriverIO in your machine and how you can write and run E2E UI tests using WebdriverIO. At the end of the video, we will take existing tests and generate reports using the Allure Reporter.

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⭐️ Course Contents ⭐️
⌨️ (00:00) WebdriverIO v7 Crash Course
⌨️ (01:03) What is WebdriverIO?
⌨️ (01:57) Advantages of using WebdriverIO
⌨️ (03:19) WebdriverIO Setup & Installation
⌨️ (09:31) Review Wdio.conf.js file
⌨️ (11:40) Review auto-generated tests
⌨️ (17:13) Create WebdriverIO test
⌨️ (22:14) Implement POM
⌨️ (24:43) Working with multiple elements
⌨️ (29:12) WebdriverIO Assertions
⌨️ (31:01) Waits in WedriverIO
⌨️ (43:59) Parallel testing with WebdriverIO
⌨️ (47:11) Generate Allure Report with WebdriverIO
⌨️ (51:20) Review what we covered

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26 thoughts on “Web App Testing with WebdriverIO – Crash Course”

  1. Panfilo Alvaraco Uribe Mequetrefe

    Greetings. Please turn on the subtitles to help us understand due we speak in other languages. Or when the pronunciation is not strictly native.

    1. Panfilo Alvaraco Uribe Mequetrefe

      @BearWithMe . Hi, Subtitling is a YouTube option that can be activated by whoever uploads the video. That allows to reproduce the spoken language in writing on the screen at the bottom.

    2. Hello there, as far as I am aware, there could be 2 reasons this video does not have automatic captions:
      1) The captions have not been made yet – these are done by YT algorithms, and take time
      2) Automatic captions are disabled (by YT), for long videos

  2. Thanks so much for this! As a STE I need to know any and all automated frameworks. It’s so hard to find quality videos on these though, so thanks!

  3. pushpak Gupta

    Can you please make a video on writing scalable backend in nodejs. And also how to use mongodb to support that scalable backend.

  4. Thank you. I need to get comfortable with asynch but your course was excellent.

  5. Hi,
    I am getting this error.
    ERROR @wdio/local-runner: Failed launching test session: TypeError: ReporterClass is not a constructor
    Can you please help?

  6. Wow, answered all the questions I had but couldn’t find good answers to in the first 6 seconds. Thank you thank you thank you.

  7. I tried setting up the project but now the version of @wdio/cli is 7.11.0 (in which no sync/async option is presented). The first few times it failed to run succesfully, until I eliminated the allure reporting option. It might help someone.

  8. Ghetto Paillettes

    Thanks for the introduction! Extremely neat! I subscribed then to his channel and bought his course over Udemy πŸ™‚

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