Visual Studio Code Full Course – VS Code for Beginners

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Master Visual Studio Code (VS Code) and increase your programming productivity. You will learn the basics of VS Code along with tips and tricks to become a super user. You will also learn how to install and use common extensions for JavaScript, Python, and PHP.

✏️ Course from Bitfumes. Check out the Bitfumes YouTube channel:

⭐️ Famous Themes ⭐️
🔸 Tokyo Night
🔸 Github Theme
🔸 Material Theme
🔸 Darcula, Dracula
🔸 Shades of Purple

⭐️ Extensions Reviewed ⭐️
✅ Python
✅ ES6 for javascript
✅ React extensions
✅ BetterPHPUnit
✅ php intelliphense
✅ Confirm quit
✅ chrome debuggerphp-cs-fixer
✅ bracket pair colorizer
✅ cdnjs
✅ vuln
✅ eslint
✅ npm intellisense
✅ colonizer
✅ EmojiSense
✅ Placode

⭐️ Course Contents ⭐️
⌨️ (00:00:00) Course Intro
⌨️ (00:02:37) Install and Setup
⌨️ (00:09:58) Material Theme
⌨️ (00:19:45) Some Awesome Themes
⌨️ (00:24:16) Minimal Screen (Hide sidebar & Activity Bar)
⌨️ (00:38:03) Line Height & Cursor
⌨️ (00:42:47) Master Explorer
⌨️ (00:51:03) Power of Breadcrumbs
⌨️ (01:00:26) Code Snippets
⌨️ (01:10:02) Tab Mastery
⌨️ (01:17:51) Select code with Keyboard
⌨️ (01:31:00) Goto Line and code folding with keyboard
⌨️ (01:38:35) Multicursor with Keyboard
⌨️ (01:44:38) Format on Save, Whitespace and Wrap code
⌨️ (01:49:21) Terminal Mastery
⌨️ (02:01:03) Firacode Font and Ligature
⌨️ (02:06:39) Split Editors
⌨️ (02:08:24) Refactoring with vscode
⌨️ (02:13:08) HTML & emmets
⌨️ (02:22:51) css and bootstrap
⌨️ (02:28:11) Git support on vscode
⌨️ (02:34:57) Emoji Sense
⌨️ (02:36:55) Share code on twitter
⌨️ (02:38:57) Markdown Mastery
⌨️ (02:47:37) Intellisense for JavaScript
⌨️ (02:53:19) Add any cdn from cdnjs
⌨️ (02:55:34) Bracket Pair Colorizer
⌨️ (02:57:16) Javascript with eslint, prettier, Intellisense & chrome debugger
⌨️ (03:23:45) Python Jupytor notebook, eslint, prettier, debugger & intellisense
⌨️ (03:40:48) PHP, Laravel, PHP-cs-fixer
⌨️ (04:01:51) vscode confirm quit
⌨️ (04:03:21) vscode setting sync native
⌨️ (04:10:36) vscode setting sync extension
⌨️ (04:16:58) Gradient Cursor & vscode css

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🏆 Loc Do
🏆 Joseph C

🏆 DeezMaster

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25 thoughts on “Visual Studio Code Full Course – VS Code for Beginners”

  1. Hi! thanks for taking 4 and a half hours to show and teach us!. I´m having an issue with Live Sass Compiler extension, it keeps crashing, I don´t know if it could be because of a very extensive scss or it is just an outdated plugin. If someone is having the same problem I would be very pleased to know what to do. Thanks!

    1. I´ve noticed that changing the theme decreases the frecuency of the crashes but doesnt solve the problem. The plugin manager ask for a restart (of the plugin) and turns the main application kinda unstable, visual clues to identify DIVs, for example, doesnt mark which closing DIV belongs to which opening DIV, they all gets selected. VSC gets pretty slow, peek crashes too (you have to cache again or restart the whole app). Maybe is something related to update, VSC have had several updates but Live Sass Compiler dont.

  2. Salut FFC et peuple du monde 😊
    MERCI pour cette vidéo sur VSCode et pour tout le reste.
    Courage à tous en ces temps incertains.
    Peace à tous et m….. aux autres 😉

  3. Saptarsi Bandyopadhyay

    Excellent videos man. Can you make a tutorial on Android Studio or IntelliJ IDEA? I find them complex as they are full of so many options. A bit of simplifying the stuff will help me.

  4. For tab, you could actually use *t* in snippets.
    This will respect your custom tab settings ..

  5. You’re missing quite a few extensions:

    1. Auto Rename Tag. I’m aware that VScode recently added native support for this (renameOnType), but it’s currently bugged, so i advise sticking with the extension for now.

    2. Better Comments. Adds syntax highlighting to comments prefixed a certain way.

    3. Path Intellisense. Self-explanatory.

    4. Version Lens. Helpful in npm / composer, displays latest semver number of package next to dependency reference.

    5. vscode-faker. If you need to stub out some data for testing or something, quite handy.

    Also it’s worth properly digging into your editor settings and properly configuring wordwrap and rulers. For example i use the following to help me craft the perfect commit messages and README files for github:

    “[markdown]”: {
    “editor.wordWrapColumn”: 100,
    “editor.wordWrap”: “bounded”,
    “[git-commit]”: {
    “editor.rulers”: [50,72],
    “editor.wordWrapColumn”: 72,
    “editor.wordWrap”: “bounded”,

    1. @Bitfumes You didn’t read the rest of the comment did you, it’s bugged. And i know the inbuilt one is bugged, because i tested it myself.

  6. this tutorial is gold. unfortunately there are some problems on linux. Ctrl + Alt + left apparently is a shortcut of the SO. I’m trying to find a solution to this but it doesn’t look like easy.
    BTW.. you say you never split the window. personally i consider it very helpful as allow me to check faster 2 or 3 files at the same time. if you work in a big screen this is amazing.
    If anyone know how to send a file from group 1 to group 2 (ex), pls, let me know. I really want to get rid of the mouse while im developing.


  7. Mudassar Comedy Tv

    How to become content writer and copywriter?Which tools are use in and create unique and creative content.
    Please make separate course about both topics.
    Please make complete full detail course like a pro☺️

  8. Muntakim Rahman

    This is an older video, but at 1:12:00 the key binding is also assigned to toggling the side bar. Maybe this might be keeping it from working.

  9. Jisan Academy

    Awesome course. The best thing I can say about the instructor is he always goes deep in every lesson. I never saw any teacher like him. Wish you good luck Sarthak sir.

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