Using HTML Colors in Web Design

How to Use Exact HTML Colors when Building a Website

Many beginners when studying even a beginner web design course are easily confused when it comes to page creation on blogs and changing colors.

But, in reality, it’s not that difficult to accomplish once you see it done by an instructor.
This video about building a website or blog discusses how to change or create certain color schemes while designing.

For example, you can control the color scheme of a WordPress blog once you know the HTML color code for the colors you want.

This keeps the colors exactly the same throughout all pages so the site’s look and feel will remain consistent in every section.

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The web design instructor uses a tool while building a website called “Colorzilla.” This tool allows you to hold your mouse over a color on the browser screen to find the HTML color code for that particular color.

So if you see colors on another website that you would like to use for your own, you can quickly find the exact color.

Here’s how to find the HTML color code once you’ve installed Colorzilla:

1. Right click your mouse over the color in your browser (on any website) and select “Colorzilla.”

2. Then select eye dropper and place the cursor exactly on the color that you need the code for… it will show the color number at the bottom of your screen.

This is an easy and useful tool – that’s also free – that you can use while building a website. If designing for others, you can match the colors that your clients like by simply viewing the other sites they might suggest.

Once you’ve installed it, you’ll be able to get the color schemes you want, match text links to the page’s colors, use the main color in your headings, and perform other creative functions.

Using creative colors in web design is becoming more and more popular as users are upgrading to better computer systems, using iPhones and other mobile devices, etc.

Colors help distinguish the professionals from the amateurs, but you can always design like a professional once you have the right layout, images and colors.

When building your website using a WordPress blog platform, you can view the color settings within the blog template, and copy and paste other color codes to replace those.

The template layout will remain the same; however, the colors will be different for the links, header and footer, sidebars and headings.

This enables you to take a blog template and make it fit your blog theme without having to do complex HTML design. It’s a great way to customize your blog to make it unique quickly and easily.

Building a website is not an easy task, but today’s tools help simplify the process by eliminating multiple steps that were once dreaded by designers.

Check out this video and the recommended tools for building a website to make web designing easier every time!

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Resource: Colorzilla

Using HTML Colors