The Foundations of Entrepreneurship – Full Course

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This entrepreneurship course will teach you the important lessons that they don't teach you in business school. You will learn about topics such as how to network, how to find customers, and how to get a job.

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Chris Haroun teaches this course. Chris has sold more than 1,000,000 of his online business & self improvement courses in 12 languages in 196 countries and his courses have been profiled in Business Insider, NBC, Inc, Forbes, CNN, Entrepreneur & on other business news websites.

This course is an amalgamation of business advice that Chris has compiled from his many meetings with successful business people over the past two decades as well as observations of why brilliant entrepreneurs like Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerberg have become incredibly successful.

⭐️ Course Contents ⭐️
⌨️ (0:00:00) Section 1: Relationships Are More Important Than Product Knowledge
⌨️ (0:34:49) Section 2: Be Long Term Greedy
⌨️ (1:02:26) Section 3: Avoid Burnout
⌨️ (1:19:59) Section 4: Create Off The Charts Confidence; Wear That Super Superman Cape!
⌨️ (1:38:29) Section 5: Ethics. Use It or Lose It
⌨️ (1:55:03) Section 6: Every Battle is Won Before It Has Been Fought
⌨️ (2:05:23) Section 7: Goal Setting
⌨️ (2:17:44) Section 8: Happiness is…
⌨️ (2:42:11) How to Complete Homework 1
⌨️ (2:47:35) Section 9: Legal Stuff is Important
⌨️ (3:08:38) Section 10: Management Best Practices
⌨️ (3:32:33) Section 11: Navigating Corporate Politics; Swimming with Sharks
⌨️ (4:01:38) Section 12: Only Take Advice from Successful People
⌨️ (4:09:24) Section 13: Only the Paranoid Survive
⌨️ (4:27:07) Section 14: Risk Taking
⌨️ (4:36:55) Section 15: Sales Best Practices
⌨️ (5:03:12) Section 16: Think Different
⌨️ (5:24:07) Section 17: You Be You
⌨️ (5:45:01) How to Complete Homework 2

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23 thoughts on “The Foundations of Entrepreneurship – Full Course”

  1. I have bought Chris Haroun’s cryptocurrency tutorial and I think that in terms of quality he is in the top 0.5 % (global ranking) of the teachers whatever the platform is.

  2. Chris Haroun Award Winning MBA Professor

    Thank you for the feature! This course is a combination of the lessons I’ve learned as a Columbia MBA graduate, an analyst at Goldman Sachs, and as an investment firm founder.
    My mission is to provide practical, on-the-ground lessons that aren’t being taught in business schools but are critical for success for our future leaders and CEOs.
    I hope you will find value in this course! You can view the rest of my business, finance and entrepreneurship courses here:

    1. The tips from Section 1 reminds me of dale carnegie how to make friends and win people.

  3. Great to see videos on entrepreneurship on Freecodecamp. Many software engineers and AI/ML engineers become entrepreneurs ultimately and hence this course is very relevant. Keep up the good work Freecodecamp and thank you for making this valuable video.

  4. Just recently discovered this channel but I can’t wait to start going through these courses starting with this one!

  5. John Maynard Marquita

    Thank you so much for uploading this kind of video. It was a great help for us! God bless!

  6. I’m Cris’ student on Udemy for couses – crypto currency, Financial analyst course, presentation course and some free courses. Also I am subscriber of his YouTube channel, where I sometimes see his office hour videos and short update videos.I concider Cris as my finance guru. It’s great to see his course on this channel where I learn programming.

  7. Davetuts Academy

    Being a graduate of Proff Haroun’s course with Udemy, it’s great to see this here. Thanks for this!

  8. I’ve watched more than half of this and there are a lot of gems for life and business. He is not trying to sell anything as others have said…

  9. Chris is an amazing speaker. Sometimes all you need is little hope, and it works like wonder.

  10. M.Rajesh Kumar

    He is my most inspired person till now in my life. Guys who can afford some money in dollars just go an enroll in his MBA program. Cuz you will be amazed. Just a friendly person saying to another, or u can watch his YouTube live that can make u take the decisions. If u wanna grow have a mentor and he will be the right one.


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