Taxes for Freelance Developers – Full Course

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A discussion of why proper tax management is crucial for freelancers and self-employed developers who wish to get ahead financially. This video discusses core tax concepts, the taxation of various business structures, deductions, making one’s payments, as well as state and local taxation. The advice is mainly applicable to people in the United States.

✏️ Course developed by Luke Ciciliano.
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Note: Neither Luke Ciciliano or freeCodeCamp are holding themselves out as tax professionals. The information in this video is a matter of personal opinion and should not be seen as tax or investment advice. Any decisions regarding taxation and investments should be discussed with a licensed professional.

⭐️ Course Contents ⭐️
⌨️ (0:00) Introduction
⌨️ (4:56) Why You Must Be Mindful Of Your Taxes
– Discussion of how taxes impact your financial standing
– Discussion of how most people aren’t mindful of tax management
⌨️ (9:32) Core Tax Concepts
– Differences between “revenue” and “income”
– How individuals & different business entities are taxed – Overview
– Levels of taxation – federal, state, local
– The difference between taxes paid, and taxes paid in during the year
⌨️ (25:49) How Different Business Structures Are Taxed
– Understanding the Qualified Business Income Deduction – QBI
– Taxation of sole proprietorships
– Taxation of Limited Liability Companies
– Taxation of S Corporations
⌨️ (37:34) Understanding & Maximizing Tax Deductions
– Understanding deductions
– Common deductions
– Deductions commonly missed
– Tax benefits of retirement savings
⌨️ (56:33) Making Tax Payments During The Year
– Making estimated tax payments
– Problems with “overpaying” during the year
⌨️ (1:03:25) Where You Live Impacts Your Tax Bill
– State & local tax considerations

⭐️ Resources ⭐️
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Form 1040-ES:

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30 thoughts on “Taxes for Freelance Developers – Full Course”

    1. @Snowball Effect Actually social and entitlement program spending in the US is higher than military. By a lot.

    2. Snowball Effect

      @David Harbin would love a citation on this. I’m pretty sure the “by a lot” part is only true if you include both healthcare and pensions, which also go to military personnel and people who don’t necessarily need poverty assistance.

    3. @xkaiokenx10 I was suprised too – look it up.

      I agree we could spend less on defense. If the rest of our institutions weren’t so inefficient and corrupt, everything would be more affordable. Not just military.

  1. Craig Bennett II

    Something to add is if you make below a given amount (I think $11k a year in income) then there is no tax. Like it is a grace bit for the extreme poor.

  2. Guilherme Rocha

    If this course was based in brazilian taxes, the lenght of this video would be probably over 72 hours hahaha

    1. Step 1: make up overly complicated tax rules
      Step 2: know how much people owe you
      Step 3: dont tell them how much they owe you
      Step 4: make them calculate how much they owe you
      Step 5: watch them make a mistake because of you overly complicated rules
      Step 6: profit

    2. @Underdog there is no way for them to know how much you owe unless you are employed and your employer is sending the tax info to the IRS like they do. self employed means you have to send in the information. they also do not know your deductions so how would they know how much to bill you if you dont report earnings until the end of the year?

  3. I was considering freelancing in my country, but is not economical decision, because I have to pay social security and medical tax regardless what I make, and I’m afraid I will never find work so I will be at lost. Also required to create a company.

  4. Σαββας Κατσικης Επτανήσου 12

    Is there a freelance developer who pays taxes??!!! 😮

  5. Reinhold Neininger

    Business entity selection should be based on certain criteria. Taxation, liability, regulations are the top criteria to consider.

  6. A really well paced and concise hour. You take something real daunting and made it less so.

    Would’ve loved to have this digest back in 2015.

  7. Arindam Chakraborty

    Please for Indians 🇮🇳
    We are 1.38 Billion people with expected growth rate of 0.95%

    GST course

  8. Definitely an underrated video on the channel. As someone who’s been freelancing for a year, this is definitely what I needed. Thanks!

  9. Manuel Juan Morales Amat

    Could you make the same for people living in Spain? or are they the same? Also tag the video for the country that applies?

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