simple beginner web design

Simple Beginner Web Design

Simple Beginner Web Design – Steps to Building an Internet Page

simple beginner web designAre you considering building a website for your business, or maybe just for personal use? Frustrated with the learning curve involved? You’re in luck! Getting your simple beginner web design online doesn’t have to be stressful.

Putting together a web site can be a fun and creative way to present information to the public. A beginner can easily design a page with little to no effort.

Often an individual can even get a free site. There are numerous companies that offer free Internet hosting services.

Three ways to create website pages and put up a business online.

  1. Hire a webmaster.
  2. Use an online service for free or paid.
  3. Design and build it yourself.

Any of these are possible even if you are a complete beginner. A quick online search will reveal companies offering free hosting services and products for beginner web design.  Also many domain name sellers will offer free hosting for their domain name customers.

Though the free service is often limited it is a great service to have available. Each company offering this type of benefit may have different requirements, there may be ads displayed on the web page or other necessities to be completed to qualify for the free hosting service.

The Ownership Search and Getting a URL

An important part of a website is the web address. This is the domain name and in as little as 15 minutes a URL can be purchased at any one of numerous companies offering this service at a discounted price.

The name chosen should reflect the meaning of the website, product or service.  The words and characters of the web address should be selected carefully, short domain names without numbers, hyphens or underscores are favored.

Make Your Internet Pages Appealing to the Public

Websites should be visually interesting as well as contain content that pertains to the subject and keeps the reader interested. With beginning web design, the creator should continually concentrate on determining what the viewer wants to receive from the experience of the website.

KISS – Keep It Simply Simple

Keeping the website simple and to the point will make the web site more valuable to the user. In order to keep surfers interested and to keep them returning, the site should offer informative yet entertaining content.

Website accessibility for the visually or hearing impaired is also an important consideration when designing a website. Implementing the features needed for impaired individuals to access a web page makes the pages more valuable to a greater number of people.

SEO and Generating Website Traffic

Although traffic building falls under the category of Internet marketing, you need traffic to survive; especially for a business website. Getting visitors to a website can be accomplished in numerous ways.

Traffic generation can be obtained through free search engines such as Bing or Google, incoming links, online ads, pay per click advertising and print ads just to name a few ways. Optimizing a website for successfully generating traffic from the engines is one of the keys to having a successful website.

So, if you are a beginner and this seems overwhelming, don’t worry. With a little time and study you’ll be calling yourself webmaster before you know it!

Give your visitors valuable content such as relative articles, popular videos and other information when they arrive to keep them coming back.

Simple Beginner Web Design