Scikit-learn Crash Course – Machine Learning Library for Python

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Scikit-learn is a free software machine learning library for the Python programming language. Learn how to use it in this crash course.

✏️ Course created by Vincent D. Warmerdam.

⭐️ Course Contents ⭐️
⌨️ (0:00:00) introduction
⌨️ (0:03:08) introducing scikit-learn
⌨️ (0:34:36) preprocessing
⌨️ (0:53:36) metrics
⌨️ (1:24:49) meta-estimators
⌨️ (1:45:34) human-learn
⌨️ (2:06:17) wrap-up

⭐️ Code ⭐️
💻 Full code:
💻 Notebook per section:
🖥 introducing scikit-learn:
🖥 preprocessing:
🖥 metrics:
🖥 meta estimators:
🖥 human-learn:

⭐️ Other Recources ⭐️
🔗 scikit-learn docs:
🔗 spaCy course:
🔗 PyData Youtube channel:
🔗 algorithm whiteboard:

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24 thoughts on “Scikit-learn Crash Course – Machine Learning Library for Python”

  1. rajveer singh anand

    16:00 pipe
    23:45 grid search
    37:00 standard scaler
    42:00 quantiles better
    46:55 …
    55:00 fraud ex

  2. navneet Pandey

    Thankyou very much, much needed for beginners like me❤️,
    I hope one day when I’ll become expert, I will make free courses for others too❤️


    Message from the creator:
    I hope you’ve all enjoyed this series of videos. It was fun to collaborate with freeCodeCamp!

    If you’re interested in more content from me feel free to check out calmcode. Also, I’d like to give a shoutout to my employer, Rasa! We’re using scikit-learn (and a whole bunch of other tools) to build open-source chatbot technology for python. If that sounds interesting, definitely check out

  4. L. Vanessa O. Ceballos

    Wow – I need to share this with the rest of the class! Thanks for making this video so understandable.

  5. Rodrigo da silva

    Great video ! At 1:49:40 you could use “.values” at the end instead of np.array in the beginning.

  6. Dilshan Chrishantha

    great series of demo videos. well explained for a beginner to learn from zero.

  7. I’m Da Dood

    Just completed the first part of the lecture. I have been using scikit for a couple of months! Dudeee! This is an eye opener!

  8. This is the way everything should be taught!

    I love that you present concepts in a structured and systematic way, speaking slowly and clearly, using as few words as possible…

    – starting with the concept and talking through drawing a logical diagram (which is so important for developing abstract thinking in terms of high level concepts, which is how we think when we are experienced in something).

    – then writing clean, concise code to implement each part of the concept

    – showing plots that directly demonstrate the effects of the entire iteration

    Too many tutorials make the mistake of talking too much. A lot of videos also either assume too much or too little about the viewer’s knowledge.

    This seems to confidently stike the nail on the head!


  9. Can I ask you how you are able to draw on the screen? I understand you are probably using a Stylus pen over some touch screen surface, which mirrors your display, but what software are you using for that?

  10. I was rewatching the course to make my basics better , there were actually a lot of details man!!!

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