Redis Course – In-Memory Database Tutorial

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Redis is an in-memory data structure store often used as a database. Learn how to use Redis in this crash course for beginners.

Course developed by Daily Code Buffer. Check out their channel:

⭐️ Course Contents ⭐️
⌨️ (00:00) Intro
⌨️ (02:26) Installing Redis
⌨️ (04:01) Redis Strings
⌨️ (11:24) Redis Lists
⌨️ (22:16) Redis Sets
⌨️ (29:46) Redis Sorted Sets
⌨️ (37:01) Redis HyperLogLog
⌨️ (39:43) Redis Hashes
⌨️ (45:23) Redis Transactions
⌨️ (48:47) Redis PubSub
⌨️ (56:25) Redis Scripts
⌨️ (01:05:20) Redis Connection & Security
⌨️ (01:11:09) Redis Geospatial
⌨️ (01:22:11) Redis Benchmark

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35 thoughts on “Redis Course – In-Memory Database Tutorial”

  1. Wait a minute hold on. Does redis *actually* connect to online data bases or is it saved in a no use binary file like sql?? Pls reply

    1. Lol im not gonna be using this redis but anyway thanks a lot i do need it since i am facing lot of serious bad luck

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      Not just that but also if you are looking to scale your application

  2. Thank you so much for providing this video!!!!! It is so helpful to pick up in a short time!

  3. Awesome !
    How can I save data of user from website or APIs
    Is anyone can share video regarding with this

    Thanks in Advance !

  4. This is helpful, Have completed till Transactions.
    Feedback as follows (Will keep on adding as I progress)
    1. The usage of watch is not adequately explained. I had to refer to the Redis documentation to clear my understanding.
    2. Would help if some more negative test cases are demonstrated to cement our understanding.
    3. For the Scripts section, a little more detail would help, for example how the country capital example works(word by word)

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