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Reasons for Creating a Personal Website – 3 Steps to a Website

reasons for creating a personal websiteEven though you love browsing through Internet sites, you may not have any interest in an online business venture of your own. That’s why I’m posting these reasons for creating a personal website today.

But you’re not looking to sell goods or services online, are you?

Personal websites are different. This is a popular way to keep in touch with family and friends, no matter where they might be.

You can post messages back and forth, share family photos and communicate in real time with an instant messenger service.

Keeping in Touch, Announcing Your Achievements, You Name It – A Personal Web Site Can Do It! – Design Your Personal Website

It’s easy to set one up yourself, using any of the many hosting sites which provide all of the templates and software you need.

Instead of using snail mail, sending occasional letters and photos, websites for personal use lets you communicate with loved ones frequently.

Many families have found this brings each member closer together, helping re-create a virtual nuclear family situation.

Your kids can keep up to date with cousins on the other side of the country; grandparents feel they get to visit daily with those grand kids they might otherwise see once a year.

Record Your Vacation Online

Travelers also love the advantages of personal websites. They can set up their site with photos of exotic trips, along with notes describing their visit.

If they’re usually on the road, they can update their personal website from any location. This use makes a colorful and professional style of combination photo album and journal. You’ll have the whole world as your audience.

Unless access is restricted to family or friends, other visitors may happen upon your site, benefiting from the fruits of your adventures.

Can’t Think of a Website to Start? Here are 101 Personal Web Site Ideas

There are so many ways to use the personal website. Almost every one can find a topic to share.

In fact, here are a bunch of tips and ideas for personal websites to get you started. Maybe your passion is airplanes.

You know all about the history, historic flights, rare airplane models and airplane museums around the world. You have a lot to offer other airplane buffs.

Your website is a fantastic collection of knowledge, presented in an artful format you might well not duplicate in a scrapbook.

Besides, how many will view your scrapbook, hiding out in a drawer somewhere, gathering dust?

Online, you may meet several new friends who are just as avid as you are on this niche subject matter.

Just to get you started; here are 101 personal website ideas I’ve listed and you can think of sub-categories from these.

What Will Your New Personal Internet Site be About?

Your personal website can contain whatever grabs your fancy. People with political or religious commentary often create websites just for the purpose of speaking their mind.

You can get some lively interaction from family, friends and visitors. Everyone benefits and it’s a lot of fun putting it all in place.

If you’d like to have your own website, not for profit, but for interaction, it’s easily accomplished.

Go online and search for ‘hosting personal website’ and take a look at various services to see what features they offer. I personally use HostNine for this website.

Do you want a blog? Many blog formats include an IM service and various templates and color schemes. Some are so easy to use, you can set up your site in a few minutes.

1 -2 – 3 to Creating a Great Personal Website

1. Pick a Subject

2. Find Hosting ( Free or Paid )

3. Put Up Information and Your Passion

You’re on your way to creating your own personal website. Simple as that!

Are you interested in learning more about designing websites? Take a beginner course in website design and see for yourself!

Reasons for Creating a Personal Website