Python for Bioinformatics – Drug Discovery Using Machine Learning and Data Analysis

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Learn how to use Python and machine learning to build a bioinformatics project for drug discovery.

✏️ Course developed by Chanin Nantasenamat (aka Data Professor). Check out his YouTube
channels for more bioinformatics and data science tutorials:
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⭐️ Code ⭐️
💻 Parts 1-5
💻 Part 6

⭐️ Course Contents ⭐️
⌨️ (0:00) Introduction
⌨️ (4:29) Part 1 – Data collection
⌨️ (26:57) Part 2 – Exploratory data analysis
⌨️ (49:41) Part 3 – Descriptor calculation
⌨️ (1:01:51) Part 4 – Model building
⌨️ (1:10:41) Part 5 – Model comparison
⌨️ (1:18:15) Part 6 – Model deployment

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46 thoughts on “Python for Bioinformatics – Drug Discovery Using Machine Learning and Data Analysis”

  1. I want to study bioinformatics and I’m currently learning python. So grateful for this course!

    1. Vidyashree Shinde

      @Evens J. nothing is hard in it…. Only the thing is you need to have knowledge of basic and applied biology with computer programming language

    2. @Vidyashree Shinde well thats if you use pre written scripts, now writing your own programs is a different beast I suppose

  2. Never in my life would I think I would get a video for this.. There’s not many resources on bioinformatics on youtube. This is godsend! Thank you very much.

    1. Burnt Chicken Nugget

      Ikr its actually really nice. My college doesnt like letting people take courses on codeing in general and are very picky with who can teach it. This is what I wish I had back 10 years ago.

    2. Can a Machine Learning Engineer(CSE) get into Bioinformatics who did not have Biology at Bachelor’s? Can it be consumed via self-learning?

    3. @LUCKIΞ if you learn in a school, that’s learning, if you self-learn, that’s also learning.

    4. @LUCKIΞ I’m a Biology major getting into Bioinformatics without CS knowledge. From my perspective, it’s difficult but doable.

  3. wish this vid came out sooner. i’m about to graduate as a bioinformatics major and i remember struggling so much bc of the lack of online resources and material. whereas you can learn anything online as a swe, you’re completely dependent on school for bioinformatics. to anyone wanting to pursue bioinformatics, it’s a very complex major but if ur passionate about bio, data analysis, and tech then it’s a great choice

    1. Data Professor

      Yes, bioinformatics is definitely an exciting field for applying SWE, ML and AI to help make sense of the big biological datasets.

    2. What would it take for bioinformatics research to become decentralised? Maybe a community funded lab where remote researchers pay to have their experiments run and the results are public which allows other researchers to contribute?

    3. Ibraheem Ajeigbe

      I’m just starting on Bioinformatics after my degree course in Biology. Thank you for putting this video together but this is no beginner course. I’ll work on taking some professional course on edX and Coursera, then revert back to this.

      Thank you sir. ✨👏

  4. Data Professor

    Hi friends, thanks for watching! Very grateful for this collaboration. Hope you enjoyed learning about using Python for Bioinformatics.
    Be sure to check out my YouTube channel and connect with me on social media for more Bioinformatics and Data Science contents!
    👉 Data Professor @ YouTube
    👉 Data Professor @ Medium
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    👉 Data Professor Twitter:
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    1. subhashree subhasmita raut

      Plj help me how to learn python with bioinformatics related work I can’t find git hub profile so …plj tell me

    2. Hello sir I am dev from India I am completed MSc bioinformatics it’s very much difficult to get a job. Is there any vacancy for MSc bioinformatics please help me for getting a job . I have doing so much struggle for getting a job even after completing of my education I am doing some research work and also some field work related to bioinformatics, tissue culture, biotechnology. If you have any project work that I can do for my home then please let me know I will assist in your work.Thank you sir.

    3. Martin Malone

      I am starting a Masters in Bioinformatics and Biotechnology this September, and I found this video very insightful into what I am going to be doing. Excellent presentation, which was very understandable for someone that has just started using Python. So thank you.

    4. I am trying to save the molecule.smi file as txt to upload in the prediction app but it doesn’t work out. Can someone please guide me to get the bioactivity data as text other than the example file?
      I have implemented the complete code but it results out as csv and conversation doesn’t work for me.

  5. DonutsAndPenguins

    Can’t believe how lucky I am! I was just considering my options among the hundreds of computer science branches yesterday, and bioinformatics and computational biology was the most interesting one I found. Since it’s still new compared to the other branches, there wasn’t much I could find out about it. Thanks a lot for the work put into this video!

    1. Pankaj Dhungana

      @Data Professor I wanna know more about bioinformatics, scholarship this and that… would you give some hints

  6. Incredible,

    I am currently analysing potential new antibiotics for mycobacterial species and this will help me greatly in screening for new compounds.

    Thank you

  7. Milton Kambarami

    I am from the Virology side of Bioinformatics and its wonderful to find a Bioinformatics-related tutorial on a computational-based learning platform. I feel Bioinformatics/Computational Biology is starting to embrace more of the Computational side to answer Biological questions and the two are starting to merge as one. Sooner or later Programming is going to be a compulsory skill just like writing but what will matter is types of questions and problems you can solve using programming.

  8. HI Sir, Thanks so much for the wonderful presentation. I have never watched such a clear video on the subject. Keep it up. I have another concern. I changed the target protein and could not get the dataframe displayed as with the Coronavirus example. I can see more than 27 targets when I search in Chembl. Is there another command or data upload process I should employ? How do I go about this?

  9. Respected Professor! I’m quite amazed of how you stepped out to share and create such a knowledgeable course for all of us. I love that. 🤗

  10. Im starting a job at Astrazeneca next month. Thank you sir for the course, I will use the knowledge to the best of my ability.

    1. Innocent Abel Kirigiti

      Hello, I would also like to know your current qualifications. I am interested in this field

    2. vasudev karthik

      A tab bit late . But I would like to congratulate you. Hope this ramdan you will get all happiness and good things that you have cherished in life. Peace

  11. Dear Professor,
    It is always awesome to watch and learn from your sessions. Can you make some video regarding docking by using python?

  12. Gurudeeban Selvaraj

    Excellent session. Hats off to you @Data Professor. I really enjoyed the whole lecture. It is quite informative for budding researchers in Bioinformatics.

  13. Hello Chanin,

    I am using EC50 standard_type for Acetylcholineesterase. When labeling compounds, is it the same as IC50 or is it different?

  14. Huge work is put in this video, wonderful method of delivering the course. Many thanks to Dr. Chanin Nantasenamat

  15. Shakuntala Baichoo

    This is the best bioinformatics video/tutorial on youtube, I have ever come across. Thank you so much for such a great tutorial/resource!

  16. I’m a dentistry student but I love computers as much as I love biology, I also would love to explore the world of clinical research and pharmacovigilance. I think I’d take up bioinformatics in my masters along with my clinical practice, it seems like the best intersection between healthcare and IT.

  17. its a great video really helpful. at 14:09 you are not able to see other types of standard type variable because youve already entered its filter as ic 50 so it shows only ic50 entries. once you remove filter.standard type[ic50] , youll see array with inhibition, ki, ec 50, kd, activity.

  18. As someone with a Bioinformatics Minor who always wants to learn more, I cannot express how ecstatic and grateful I am to find your content.- Thank you good sir!!

  19. Thank you professor. It’s so heartwarming to have this quality of information shared for free. The best I have seen on Bioinformatics. All my questions answered and opened my eye to the many facets of computational drug modeling and simulation. Thank you once again, Prof.

  20. Jann Miko Ingel Rabago (Gaming channel)

    Oh hey! I am so grateful and excited for this one man! I am an upcoming 3rd year BS Pharmacy student and planning to do my undergraduate thesis on this area specifically.

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