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Learn 5 Personal Website Design Tips For Beginners

If you are a beginner and feel ready to tackle the task of learning some personal website design tips then this course is for you. Personal website design doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive.

In fact, there are millions of personal sites online that were designed by the website’s actual owner-not a Personal website designdesigner. So don’t fret about how to get your site up and running.

You too can learn how to design a creative personal website that fits your personality and goals.

Whether you want to start a site about cooking, fishing, hunting, weight loss ideas, health tips, parenting, church, fundraising, etc., you’ll soon discover that learning to design a personal website has never been easier.

Here are five personal web design tips to get you started.

1. Write It Down

One of the first steps to creating a jam-up personal website is to write down your ideas on paper. Set goals and create an outline for your site, just as you would with starting a new business.

Have a clear purpose for your site, even if you don’t plan on using it to earn an income. Think of how you want your web layouts to look for every section of your site.

2. Find a Web Training Course

There are numerous beginner web courses online that can teach you the basics of design. Learn HTML codes and how to use them to create fabulous web layouts. Learn about how the Internet works as well as how to create good websites from scratch. Discover what webmasters know and learn to do what they do.

Before choosing a web course for beginners school, be sure it’s one that teaches the type of programming language you’d like to learn.

And keep in mind that knowing basic HTML is a must before moving forward with advanced languages such as CSS (cascading style sheets) and PHP.

*Hint: Be sure to find out what type of software will be required with the course and how much it will cost!

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3. Keep Your Design Simple and Straightforward

Similar to business websites, personal design should be simple and straightforward so users can navigate your site easily. Limit banners, flashing graphics, etc. and focus on design and content that keeps your site “to the point.” Sites that are focused on one particular subject tend to get more response.

4. Offer a Newsletter or E-zine

The best way to get returning visitors is to keep them informed of tips and updates via an e-zine (email newsletter).

There are free and/or affordable mail list services that will provide subscriber forms to add to your website as well as keep up with your list for you. Getting subscribers and writing to them often will help you keep in touch with site visitors.

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5. Promote – Free or Paid

Depending on how much you wish to invest in your new personal site, you can advertise on the Web with very little funds. Pay-per-click ads are inexpensive (such as Google Adwords).

These give you flexibility with keywords so you can target your audience and only pay for the clicks received. There are also free directories, ad swaps (for sites and e-zine ads), article submission sites, etc.

Write articles about your site’s theme and submit them to places like and other similar free article sites. Then you can link back to your site to increase link popularity and to gain ongoing free traffic.

It’s up to you to take the first step toward your personal website design goals. Once you do, you’ll wonder why you waited so long to get a site up and running!

Personal Website Design