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Open New Website Window – Code for Opening Web Pages in New Window

How to Make a Web Page Open in a New Window

Make web page open in a new windowKeep your customers on your website with new window option

Making a web page open in a new window is not rocket science. It’s really pretty easy once you learn the basics.

Ever visited a website’s homepage, clicked on a link to go to another page of the site, and the page came up in a new browser window?

All you have to do is click the X in the far right corner of your screen to exit out of the page, and you’re back where you started – the homepage!

Benefit of Opening Web Pages in a New Window

This web design technique enables you to create an “extra” browser window for certain sections of your website, you can also get a little more creative by getting some awesome tips from web design middlesbrough which is one of the best design company out there .

Perhaps you’d like your visitor to open up a new page to read additional information for what he/she is reading.

For example, if you’re in the middle of a sales presentation, and you offer the opportunity to the reader to read a page of testimonials from other customers, you can use this technique to do so.

Your reader will be able to open a new browser window to read your testimonials, and then close the window to return to your sales presentation.

When to Create a “New Window” Link

I suggest using this technique only when there’s a special purpose or reason.

If you do this with every link on your site, your visitors will get frustrated quickly with the new windows opening and may leave your site completely.

Also, each time your visitor is going to open up a new window, let him know beforehand – give him a warning.

Anytime you do something “out of the ordinary” on your site, tell your visitor what’s going to happen. This will help prevent unwanted surprises.

You can add in parentheses beside or below your link a statement similar to this:
(Clicking on this link will open up a new browser window.)


Insert the following code into your web page HTML where you would like the link to appear:

TARGET=”_blank”>Your Link

You will insert the link address you want to open up in a new window where you see the web address sample above:


Next, where it states “Your Link”, this is where you’ll type your link text.

For example:

Click Here for More Information — or — Click Here to Subscribe

Adding this feature of opening a web page in new windows to sections of your website will not only open up new windows, but new opportunities and potential for your site as well.

This technique, if used wisely, can be a valuable addition to your website.

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