Node.js and Express.js – Full Course

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Learn how to use Node and Express in this comprehensive course. First, you will learn the fundamentals of Node and Express. Then, you will learn to build a complex Rest API. Finally, you will build a MERN app and other Node projects.

✏️ Course developed by John Smilga. Check out his channel:

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⭐️ Course Contents ⭐️
⌨️ (00:00​) Introduction
⌨️ (01:41​) What Is Node
⌨️ (02:56​) Course Requirements
⌨️ (04:16​) Course Structure
⌨️ (04:59​) Browser Vs Server
⌨️ (07:50​) Install Node
⌨️ (11:08​) Repl
⌨️ (13:27​) Cli
⌨️ (19:07​) Source Code
⌨️ (20:27​) Globals
⌨️ (29:34​) Modules Setup
⌨️ (32:46​) First Module
⌨️ (45:32​) Alternative Syntax
⌨️ (49:50​) Mind Grenade
⌨️ (53:47​) Built-In Module Intro
⌨️ (56:31​) Os Module
⌨️ (1:04:13​) Path Module
⌨️ (1:10:06​) Fs Module (Sync)
⌨️ (1:18:28​) Fs Module (Async)
⌨️ (1:27:32​) Sync Vs Async
⌨️ (1:34:29​) Http Intro
⌨️ (1:35:58​) Http Module (Setup)
⌨️ (1:40:53​) Http Module (More Features)
⌨️ (1:45:57​) NPM Info
⌨️ (1:50:19​) NPM Command
⌨️ (1:53:10​) First Package
⌨️ (2:02:52​) Share Code
⌨️ (2:09:04​) Nodemon
⌨️ (2:15:04​) Uninstall
⌨️ (2:17:53​) Global Install
⌨️ (2:23:22​) Package-Lock.Json
⌨️ (2:25:56​) Important Topics Intro
⌨️ (2:27:38​) Event Loop
⌨️ (2:30:47​) Event Loop Slides
⌨️ (2:37:46​) Event Loop Code Examples
⌨️ (2:47:07​) Async Patterns – Blocking Code
⌨️ (2:54:49​) Async Patterns – Setup Promises
⌨️ (3:00:35​) Async Patterns – Refactor To Async
⌨️ (3:06:05​) Async Patterns – Node's Native Option
⌨️ (3:12:41​) Events Info
⌨️ (3:14:44​) Events Emitter – Code Example
⌨️ (3:18:37​) Events Emitter – Additional Info
⌨️ (3:21:44​) Events Emitter – Http Module Example
⌨️ (3:25:10​) Streams Intro
⌨️ (3:26:18​) Streams – Read File
⌨️ (3:33:01​) Streams – Additional Info
⌨️ (3:35:05​) Streams – Http Example
⌨️ (3:40:29​) End Of Node Tutorial Module
⌨️ (3:40:46​) HTTP Request/Response Cycle
⌨️ (3:44:49​) Http Messages
⌨️ (3:55:52​) Starter Project Install
⌨️ (3:57:59​) Starter Overview
⌨️ (4:03:25​) Http Basics
⌨️ (4:15:09​) Http – Headers
⌨️ (4:24:50​) Http – Request Object
⌨️ (4:32:00​) Http – Html File
⌨️ (4:37:20​) Http – App Example
⌨️ (4:48:02​) Express Info
⌨️ (4:51:50​) Express Basics
⌨️ (5:03:05​) Express – App Example
⌨️ (5:14:31​) Express – All Static
⌨️ (5:18:13​) API Vs SSR
⌨️ (5:24:07​) JSON Basics
⌨️ (5:32:40​) Params, Query String – Setup
⌨️ (5:39:13​) Route Params
⌨️ (5:48:25​) Params – Extra Info
⌨️ (5:50:42​) Query String
⌨️ (6:07:31​) Additional Params And Query String Info
⌨️ (6:10:46​) Middleware – Setup
⌨️ (6:21:27​) APP.USE
⌨️ (6:28:31​) Multiple Middleware Functions
⌨️ (6:36:36​) Additional Middleware Info
⌨️ (6:43:26​) Methods – GET
⌨️ (6:49:01​) Methods – POST
⌨️ (6:52:53​) Methods – POST (Form Example)
⌨️ (7:05:31​) Methods – POST (Javascript Example)
⌨️ (7:21:22​) Install Postman
⌨️ (7:30:19​) Methods – PUT
⌨️ (7:41:43​) Methods – DELETE
⌨️ (7:50:05​) Express Router – Setup
⌨️ (8:05:36) Express Router – Controllers

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31 thoughts on “Node.js and Express.js – Full Course”

  1. Thanks John for creating this course. He is the best teacher of all the coding courses I’ve done.

  2. Love the part about alternative syntax. It makes it so much easier when researching yourself. StackOverflow will be loaded with different syntax and it can be frustrating trying to find out if they’re different or not. Great stuff!

  3. Currently 2 hours into this video and loving it! I love the pace and clarity of Mr. Smilga’s teaching style!

  4. Midnight Cigarettes

    I got to finish the whole course and man I really like John’s teaching style where he not only shows you how, but also shows you why. For example you can use, app.use() in Express to use a middleware, but he also tells you why you would use a middleware.

    I’m craving for more, that ending is quite the cliffhanger about the connection to a database 😂

  5. Ben Silveston

    Two hours in and I’m hooked on this course. Always wanted to learn back-end development in JavaScript. This is thus one of the solutions towards becoming a full-stack developer. Cheers John for this awesome course!

  6. Jasmin Kenjar

    Excellent course. I learned some Node.js and Express.js in the past to build an api for my college portfolio but I had forgotten a lot since we only use PHP at my job. This course is an excellent refresher and I’m also learning new Express concepts like for example I did not know how to render HTML/CSS/JS files.

  7. This course came at the appropriate time for me cause been struggling with node.js for a while now…. I honestly want to thank john smilga for creating this amazing content though i haven’t finished the course but am loving every part of it……. Definitely buying your react course

  8. Rohit Ashtekar

    The Tutorial is gold, just great, very informative, and nicely explained. The only problem is that after a particular point the video and audio sync go out of sync, please try to correct it if possible because that makes it confusing to understand.

  9. I still need around 2 hours to finish the full tutorial, however, I want to thank you for making such a good one for free, I had been learning frontend stuff for around a month just as a hobby and I was always so confused about how certain websites did stuff because I didn’t know about how servers work, now that I have a basic understanding of how they do web development doesn’t seem that daunting.

  10. This course helped me learn Node and ultimately land the job I wanted, so I can’t thank you enough!! Stay strong boys, there is hope at the end of the tunnel!

  11. Just want to say this is awesome, got confused after watching several short videos & crash courses🥴😵‍💫 that try to fit node.js nd express in 1/2hrs on youtube…it was totally mind-bugling, most times they leave several complex logic out just because they want to finish their video..But you’re different and your videos are awesome…you take your time out to deliver awesome content, fully understandable …If youre watching this and wondering why it’s 8hrs, pls carve out time to watch it through. John Smilga videos are the best..I’m heading over to watch your React 10hrs videos…Cant wait to see MongoDB tutorial soon…Want to become a Full stack MERN developer…Just started JS a month ago, lol

  12. This course was very useful for me, thank you very much. Some of the audio it’s out of sync, but i don’t really care. Awesome content!

  13. This course is a pure gem. If you could also sync video and sound, that’d make it even better.

  14. This was seriously a really well-done course. Went from knowing nothing about express to passing a technical take home. Thanks!

  15. Duru Princewill

    I’ve watched john’s course on React about some months ago and I would say it was nothing but the best. When I saw this course on node and I heard he was the person taking the course, I just smiled. I’m 5 hours down and this is just the best tutorial on node on yT. He’s a great tutor

    1. Mazhar Ansari

      Did you completed this course if yes then can i follow it ??Will i be able to make websites using Node??

  16. Avie Grinberg

    I have been learning from John’s content for 5 months now and purchased the Udemy full courses for both Nodejs and React. He has the most comprehensive courses and he will equip you with all the tools to create a very functional full stack application from back to front using the latest tools. Simply superb.

  17. André Vejdani

    Excellent content! Thank you! Question: Can I use Typescript instead of JS? Do you have any course that displays how do use TS in a Node/Express app?

  18. Galactic Neko

    Just finished the course and for me this is one of the best and detailed node js course i have seen so far.

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