Next.js React Framework Course – Build and Deploy a Full Stack App From scratch

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In this Next.js course for beginners, you will learn how to build a full-stack App from scratch. We'll also learn how to deploy the App using Vercel and to sync up GitHub with Vercel so we deploy the app automatically.

Next is the React Framework for production. It makes building Apps, small or large, a lot easier. It has many features out of the box that you can use that will save loads of time.

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Course from Alicia Rodriguez . Check out her channel: @timetocode_with_ali

⭐️ Contents ⭐️
⌨️ (0:00:00) Intro: Showcase App
⌨️ (0:02:07) Summary of the content of the video
⌨️ (0:02:40) Prerequisites for this video.
⌨️ (0:03:18) What is Next.js
⌨️ (0:04:38) Main Feature: Server-Side Rendering
⌨️ (0:09:03) Create a new Next.js Project
⌨️ (0:17:56) Analyse the Final App we are going to build
⌨️ (0:20:30) Next.js Files Structure
⌨️ (0:23:53) Next.js Pages & Build the pages
⌨️ (0:41:50) Data Fetching
⌨️ (2:02:15) Build the Components – UI (user Interface)
⌨️ (2:24:03) Add CSS – Styles
⌨️ (3:21:27) API Routing in Next.js
⌨️ (4:29:00) Deploy the APP in Vercel
⌨️ (4:43:06) Suggestions to improve the App

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31 thoughts on “Next.js React Framework Course – Build and Deploy a Full Stack App From scratch”

    1. Django is worst to begin with. How things pop up is still a mystery for me. Love Nodejs and Java backend

  1. I’ve a question. Recently my nextjs start commands automatically generated the build files but now it asks for manual creation of the build files. Please reply me.

  2. Liubomyr Mykhalchyshyn

    Thanks for the great video.
    It would be interesting to see how much faster it would be using COPILOT.

    1. Chatgpt. But you have to kee definine each function or page in detail. But it’s till much faster than manual coding

  3. would be nice if there would be starting Git branch with say CSS and Html code when you started this course , starter repos do change CSS styles and HTML code many time , it would allow anyone who starts do have experience rather than fumble around why my output looks different

  4. Hi 👋 I am Alicia from the video.
    Thank you all for watching. Feel free to reach out to me with questions or suggestions for future videos and check out my other videos ☺️

    1. @Kuldeep Bhatt
      No I don’t think so, as she used a tag inside Link which was necessary in previous versions but is not required in later versions of NextJs.

  5. thanks for the course. i’ve been a long time vuejs user, but now I’m planning to work on nextjs more on my upcoming projects.. this video is very helpful

    1. Ive been create-react-app. It’s frustrating how simple yet different they all are. Especially when you don’t necessarily want to know them all, but you need to.

  6. Is the whole using node 8 thing a part of the show? Is there a reason to ever be using something that old? I could see some reasons as node and all its blessings are just that and equally opposite, but the lowest I have had to experience going is 16 for hardhat. I am under the impression that it is more vulnerable the further from LTS that you get. Maybe there is more than one LTS version of some things? Thanks

  7. trong anh nguyen thanh

    In api.js file can we use the other name or we have to use the handle name ? I mean can I change export default function handle(req, res) to export default function getList(req, res)

  8. Bohdan Katsevych

    Oh my God, this is EXACTLY what I have been looking for today! This channel reads its subscribers minds!

  9. Alicia, thanks fot the video.
    One note: When I opened data.json in your repo, I saw that “city” in all events for London is has value with capital “L”
    so wont be equal to cat, that can create a confusion

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