Multiple Domain Name Web Hosting

multiple domain name web hostingGot your first website designed? Now, let’s move into hosting. Below you’ll learn all about multiple domain name web hosting, how it works, and how it can benefit your online business.

Multiple domain web hosting is provided by many hosting companies now because so many people have more than one domain name for their online business.

It offers many benefits for the busy business owner who likes to manage all their websites from one central control panel.

Here’s a brief description of multiple domain name hosting and how it can benefit you.

Multiple Domain Name Web Hosting – Why More Than One Domain Name?

You might be wondering, “Why would I need multiple domain names if I only operate one business?”

There are a number of reasons. One, you might offer several different services on your website and want each to have their own domain name for promotional reasons.

Three, you might target two different audiences with your business.

For example, if you provide an online job service, you will target employees seeking jobs as well as employers seeking workers.

You might have three different domains: core job site, employer-focused site, employee-focused site. Therefore, you could have three domains all together.

Multiple Domain Name Web Hosting Explained

When you sign on for multiple domain name hosting, you are basically getting one hosting plan for all your domain names.

All domain names go under the same control panel, the same server, and of course, the same hosting payment plan.

Typically, you’ll have a dedicated IP address, meaning you’ll have the web hosting IP address all to yourself for your domain names.

This has many benefits because you are not sharing your IP with 20 other companies.

Your site may load faster, have more “up time” and have less risk of being hurt by the malicious acts of others who might be sharing your IP address.

Things to Look for when Choosing Multiple Domain Hosting

Before buying multiple domain name hosting, check to see what is offered with the package.

Most hosting companies will provide more than enough web space for your site, but you still want to be sure so your website can expand as needed.

The amount of web space affects how many web pages and images you can place on your website, how often and how much you can transfer files from your hard drive to your server, and how many programming features you can add to your website.

Look for the “gigabytes” and you’ll have lots of space. Some hosting plans may provide 300 GB of space while others only provide 500 MB (megabytes). Go for the “gigabytes” if possible.

Usually, you won’t pay any more, but you’ll have enough space to add hundreds of pages to your website if needed!

Check And See What Type Domains You Need

If your website needs a shopping cart with thousands of products and you plan to roll out campaigns bringing in millions of visitors, then communicate with your web host to find out what you will need.

Other things to look for include bandwidth (or amount of traffic you can bring to your site), email capabilities, database and scripting capabilities, and e-commerce features.

Even if you don’t use all the features now, you may need them in the future.

Benefits of Multiple Domain Name Web Hosting

There are several benefits to choosing a plan with multiple domain name hosting. One, you will save time.

You can manage all your domain names, view traffic, change features, and set up emails all from one central location.

Each domain name has its own section within the control panel so you don’t have to worry about getting them confused.

You won’t have to log-in to a different control panel just to make changes or check traffic statistics.

Two, you will save money. Hosting all your domain names under one hosting plan is usually more affordable than hosting them separately.

Again, the hosting company only has to create on central control panel, which is less work for you and them.

Tip! A web host provides space for your website. There are two musts in getting your site online – a web host and registering your domain name.

Three, you can still treat each domain name separately even though they’re all under the same plan.

Whether you have two domain names or five domain names, each one has its own email account and other customization of features.

So, you still get all the benefits you would have if you hosted only one domain name.

Choosing a multiple domain name web host is an important decision that you’ll only want to make once if possible.

Consider all the factors above before taking this giant step! I use HostNine for all my domains. They are very good – and very reasonable.

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