Microsoft Excel Tutorial for Beginners – Full Course

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Lean how to use Microsoft Excel from the beginning by creating 6 real-world projects. Most of the content applies to Google Sheets as well.

You will learn how to
– enter data,
– navigate through a spreadsheet,
– create formulas to solve problems,
– create charts and graphs,
– understand relative vs absolute references,
– import and export data,
– implement VLOOKUP,
– use pivot tables,
– split and concatenate text,
– and more.

✏️ Course developed by Shad Sluiter. Check out his YouTube channel:

⭐️ Course Contents ⭐️
⌨️ (0:00:00) Intro
⌨️ (0:04:14) Payroll
⌨️ (0:39:35) Gradebook
⌨️ (0:57:22) Decision Factors
⌨️ (1:04:40) Sales Database
⌨️ (1:23:13) Car Inventory
⌨️ (1:59:29) Problem Solving Templates

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46 thoughts on “Microsoft Excel Tutorial for Beginners – Full Course”


      Sir please is there any video on the problem solving I can use to cross check the one I did.

    2. I have been asked to create an Excel doc from a list and add a column to the table identifying which client has paid an invoice. The only way I have to identify who has paid is that their names are underlined on the list I was given. It’s to be in alphabetical order, and I am supposed to do this using data validation/drop down…Is this even possible?

    3. Aleksandar Bosnjak

      Thank you Professor Sluiter for helping this community!
      You are a really outstanding teacher!

    4. Okoye Alexander

      @CHISOM NWACHUKWU hey chisom. Trust you’re good, were you able to find the ans sheets?

  1. When I thought this channel can’t be better than it already is, then you surprise me again. Excellent idea. Looking forward to the advanced course of Excel.

    1. he helped me get my sons page account unfreeze, his honest I can assure you in 20 minutes’’’’’

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  2. Γιώργος Κραχτόπουλος

    Really nice course! Literally loved every minute of it, as you explain things very clearly

    1. he helped me get my sons page account unfreeze, his honest I can assure you in 20 minutes’’’’’

    1. World_N_Prince Prince-Khan.

      Yes, it’s interesting and making of convulsing in hearts and mind by addicting and including the fun and interest in it.

  3. Thank you so much for this! I had an easy time following the pace of the course. Also, the examples and exercises were great! With 30-60 minutes per day, I could complete the course in 5 days. Good Stuff!

  4. This was an excellent class, well done in organization, methods and process. There are lots of tools out there but this class is better because problems are solved as examples are worked out. In this way it keeps your attention while deepening the learning.

  5. Juvinet Puthussery

    This is the best Excel tutorial I have ever seen. It’s easy to understand and follow.👍🏼

  6. Thanks Shad for the course. Impressive stuff. I started it today and hope to complete it in 2 days! I have worked with Excel for many years, but not for data analysis. I cant wait to update the Excel proficiency part of my CV after completing this.

    1. he helped me get my sons page account unfreeze, his honest I can assure you in 20 minutes’’’’’

  7. Simple Excel Examples

    WOW your way of teaching is very clear! Also beautiful realistic cases you work with! Thanks for the video which gave me inspiration for my own classes (I give Excel training to students) 😊

  8. I’m about 30 minutes in and I gotta admit, you are brilliant at organizing what you want to teach. You’ve managed to organize even zooming in and out at specific intervals to teach all those small aspects of the program. Really cool! I never knew excel was so intuitive either.

  9. By far the best Excel tutorial I have seen for beginners. Complete, basic, to the point and very useful in real life situations. Great course! Thank you, Shad Sluiter, for sharing!

  10. Jordan Koprowski

    Really nice course! Literally loved every minute of it, as you explain things very clearly

  11. Bryan Torres

    Can we all just give this man a round of applause for putting this information out here for FREE! Great video man!! Thank you so much for this course!!!🙌🏼👏🏼 I will study it all.

  12. Melanie Thurman

    Just got a promotion that would include using excel! I was really good with it years back but haven’t used it in close to 10 years. This is such a great video to refresh my memory and prepare me for this new chapter in my life. THANK YOU! This is honestly so detailed, you’re a great teacher!

  13. The best course for Excel beginner! Very clear and organized instructions with practical examples. Thank you, Shad Sluiter!

  14. Pashuta Mayaya

    Excellent practical course for someone who knows only the very minimal basics, if that. Well modulated and articulated. Designed for adult self learners. Easy to follow and it is a plus that you did not use “techie’ language. Your presentation style made it easy to follow without distractions. Real life examples are a plus. Application of knowledge always enhances learning. Looking forward to your next course.

  15. MsDerrrrrrrrr

    I am just beginning my bookkeeping journey and THIS is internet GOLD! You are calm, precise, pleasant and thorough and all of my Y9 ICT class came flooding back to me 😆 Thank you for this!

  16. 04:20 – Avr, sum, min, max
    16:45 – IF formula
    29:15 – absolute cell reference (its something with $)
    38:47 – something about printing
    39:37 – Gradebook
    46:05 – conditional formating
    49:37 – OR formula
    53:00 – Chart
    57:24 – Decision maker
    01:04:43 – Sales report
    01:07:57 – text to columns
    01:13:07 – sumif
    01:16:04 – sort and filter
    01:19:15 – pivot tables
    01:23:15 – Car database
    01:24:22 – import a text file into excel
    01:27:57 – wrap text
    01:28:06 – right, mid and left formulas
    01:30:07 – Lookup Table
    01:33:51 – part 2 of 3?
    01:34:28 – mid
    01:41:01 – Y2K bug Year 2000 bug
    01:45:33 – part 3 of 3
    01:46:44 – concatenate formula
    01:49:16 – upper
    01:56:40 – something
    01:57:31 – Problem Solvers

  17. hey professor, first of all i wiil stare by encouraging you on this you videos courses which are super useful for anyone that increase his or her skills on office, more so excel in perticular. keep it up! but just a little worry that raised this question: where can one find the assignments document that would safe us time by not recoping the whole sheet on the video if there is any link for this? thx

  18. Dear Sir,
    The tutorial is excellent. However, could not find the spreadsheets, text files at the mentioned url. Can you please check and provide a proper link to download. Thank You so much..

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