Microservice Architecture and System Design with Python & Kubernetes – Full Course

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Learn about software system design and microservices. This course is a hands-on approach to learning about microservice architectures and distributed systems using Python, Kubernetes, RabbitMQ, MongoDB, mySQL.

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Kubernetes API Reference:

⭐️ Contents ⭐️
(0:00:00) Intro
(0:01:02) Overview
(0:02:47) Installation & Setup?
(0:10:16) Auth Service Code
(0:32:25) Auth Flow Overview & JWTs
(0:53:04) Auth Service Deployment
(0:56:08) Auth Dockerfile
(1:20:05) Kubernetes
(1:37:26) Gateway Service Code
(1:42:34) MongoDB & GridFs
(1:47:04) Architecture Overview (RabbitMQ)
(1:49:50) Synchronous Interservice Communication
(1:50:49) Asynchronous Interservice Communication
(1:53:19) Strong Consistency
(1:54:07) Eventual Consistency
(2:19:16) RabbitMQ
(2:21:16) Gateway Service Deployment
(2:35:34) Kubernetes Ingress
(2:46:28) Kubernetes StatefulSet
(2:51:18) RabbitMQ Deployment
(3:09:35) Converter Service Code
(3:33:43) Converter Service Deployment
(4:21:09) Checkpoint
(4:22:11) Update Gateway Service
(4:31:46) Notification Service Code
(4:43:24) Notification Service Deployment
(4:51:55) Sanity Check
(5:05:54) End

⭐️ References ⭐️

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20 thoughts on “Microservice Architecture and System Design with Python & Kubernetes – Full Course”

  1. now this is a course worth waiting for. Would also love to see more terraform content and possibly stuff on gRPC services

  2. this is actually a really valid real world project. i have been working on a similar microservice, although its made with Java EE, and needed a deep dive on some concepts.
    Thank you so much freeCodeCamp! <3

  3. Mohammed Shirhaan

    We need a similar system design tutorial using JavaScript eco system.

    Others who wish the same please like and comment the same.

  4. Aleksandar Ivanov

    It would be helpful if before creating each component and its files, while explaining what you are going to create you also show some kind of pseudo-code or diagram representation of each step you are taking.

  5. Wow, thanks for this tutorial. I’d never used kubernetes before, but I will start using it for my servers!!! Good explanations’ teacher!!!

  6. Is there any real world tutorial project like this on freecodecamp for automating a trading strategy?
    If not can you do one?
    Anyways learned a lot from freecodecamp. Appreciate all efforts! Respect!

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