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Mailing Lists – 5 Explosive Reasons to Build a Mailing List

A Diamond in the Rough – Your Mailing List!

mailing listsHow important is building mailing lists to the success of your website?

If you’re new to web design and web marketing, you might not realize how crucial a mailing list is for the success of your website.

You can create an e-zine, or electronic magazine, to send tips and resources to your site visitors.

Or, you can create a mailing list of updates for customers who have already purchased from you. Either way, a mailing list is the key to getting repeat visitors and sales!

Here are 5 explosive reasons to build a mailing list:

1. Grab Hold of Your Website Visitors – “Your visitors came, they saw, they left!”

That’s what you will say over and over if you don’t add a mailing list to your “priority” list.

Even if your site really grabs a visitor – so much that they would bookmark it and return later – it’s not enough to keep them coming back over and over.

How many times have you bookmarked a really good site and then forgot about it by the end of the day?

If your visitors really enjoy your site, then offering them free tips or resources by email would be of benefit to them and you.

By now, you are actually grabbing hold of your visitors before they leave your site. Otherwise, you might never get another chance to reach them.

Tip! While selecting a mailing list company it is important to keep a few things in mind. Firstly, the system should operate smoothly and allow you to set times and dates for autoresponders.

2. Offer Free Tips for Joining Your Mailing List

Instead of expensive snail mail direct, you can use affordable email marketing to send visitors free tips and other information by email.

At the conclusion of your free tips, you can include your bio or a link to your site. Every newsletter or tip you send visitors is an opportunity to turn them into repeat visitors.

3. Announce Website Updates

Anytime you update your website or add something new, you can broadcast the information to subscribers on your list. You should announce site design changes, new products added, new articles, etc.

4. Test Response

With a mailing list, it’s easy to test ads, articles and links to see how your customers respond.

For example, in your ezine you can place classified ads and test your response by the number of clicks to those ads.

You can make special offers to your subscribers such as discounts off the normal price of your products or free bonuses. Some mailing list services provide detailed tracking for you.

5. Earn Extra Money or More Visitors from Your Mailing List

Other list owners in your business field might be willing to pay for advertising in your newsletter or exchange classified ads with you.

With an exchange, your classified ad will be featured in their ezine and their ad will be featured in your ezine. You both receive exposure!

Every time someone subscribes to your mailing list, you have an opportunity to up-sell products and boost the number of repeat visitors who come to your site.

The most powerful tool I recommend for building your mailing list is Aweber.

Aweber is the service I am currently using for my mailings, and I love what it does! I’ve been able to take advantage of many features that I couldn’t use otherwise. Here are just a few benefits:

  • Ability to customize every email or page your subscriber sees
  • Import your past subscribers
  • Create many types of subscriptions forms (inline or pop-up)
  • Run split tests on your forms to see which one is getting the most response
  • Create follow-up messages as well as send a newsletter message when you want
  • Create multiple lists (ezine, post-purchase mailings, etc.)
  • Set up your WP site for blog casts using Aweber (love this feature)

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Use Aweber so you can build a mailing list in no time to explode your profits like never before! Try it here.