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Internet Web Hosting – Putting Your Website Online

Internet Web Hosting – How to Select Web Hosting for Your Internet Site

How do You Get Your New Website Online?

Learn how to select Internet web hosting the right way in this tutorial about getting your new website design online for business or personal use. You’ll go through the process of what to look for in an ISP among other areas of domain name hosting.

“Server Not Found”Internet web hosting

“The page cannot be displayed.” Have you ever encountered this message while surfing the net? Of course you have. We all have.

Think it can’t happen to you?

Think again. If you are hosting your business on one of the free hosting services, you’re literally placing your entire business in the hands of a complete stranger.

Shut Down and Out

Even the best free web hosting companies don’t need to have a reason to shut your site down. You may get up one morning, try to access your site and instead of your site loading, this message will appear, “The page cannot be displayed.”

There goes all of your hard work, your web site, your traffic, your search engine positioning, your customers, all gone.

These companies aren’t interested in your business or how hard you’ve worked to design your web site and create a steady stream of traffic. Their main concern when it comes to Internet web hosting services is their business – and profits of course. That’s why they’re doing it.

Want Ads?

They (free website hosts) display banner ads on every site they display. Pop up ads are not only irritating, but they make your site appear to be unprofessional. In addition, many Search Engines will not allow free host URLs to be listed.

Best Internet Web Hosting? The Advantage of Having Your Own Domain

If you’re serious about your business web space and you have a sincere desire to succeed, having your own domain name is a must. It’s not a luxury; it’s a necessity.

Businesses using the free services are not taken seriously.  Having your own domain name is just as important if not more important than a professional looking web site. They go hand-in-hand.

What Kind Of Internet Web Hosting Company Are You Dealing With?

When selecting a professional website host your first consideration should be the company. Check out their background. Talk to some of their customers and ask them if they’ve been satisfied with their service.

• How many customers do they serve?
• What is their up time percentage?
• Do they require you to make payments in advance?
• Do they charge set up fees?
• How is their customer support? Test them.
• Do they offer fast connections?
• Do they offer shopping cart software to process your orders?
• Can you upgrade free of charge?

Choose Your ISP Wisely for Cheapest – And Best

Web hosting prices vary greatly. When selecting your host, make sure you’re getting exactly what you’re paying for. Keep in mind, a lower monthly rate will not benefit you if your site is down a lot, slow, or customer service is poor.

Criteria for Your ISP

Selecting a professional Internet web hosting company is a very important decision. Make sure you do your homework and ensure the host you select offers exactly what you need.

• Your own domain name (
• Your own True POP email account –
• Fast, low overhead, Multi-T3 access
• Your own unrestricted cgi-bin
• Access to SSL Encryption for secure transactions
• Java, C, C++, Tcl support
• Autoresponders
• htaccess Password Protection for your files or directories
• At least 1 GIGABYTE (1024 MB) of Daily Transfer
• Design (and upload to) your site using Netscape or other HTML editing software
• Microsoft Frontpage (98) Server Extensions for those utilizing Frontpage
• Unlimited free access to your server via Telnet/FTP
• Online invoices, account tracking, and payment history to enable you to check your account balance, monthly invoices, past payments, etc.
• Complete daily server backup
• Easy access to your log files
• Statistics on visits to your site

Free web hosts are great for putting up a personal web site. They are not recommended for business hosting.

If you’re really serious about your business and want to establish your Internet presence, I highly recommend Host4Profit. They provide you with exactly what you need to develop a profitable Internet business at a very reasonable price.

From Bob – Why Web Hosting and Dedicated Servers?best Internet web hosting

Mostly, you hear these whys because the majority of web owners have very little knowledge in regards to the technical terms.

They know if they have a web site, they will need a web hosting service to provide them with the tools they need to publish their pages. Whether the server is dedicated or shared, well…that is left to be answered by you.

People spend years learning how to build web sites, write articles, create logos, upgrade web sites, clone web sites and more.

After carefully reviewing what they need they find that a project could take up to two, four, six, or even nine weeks to get a TOP GRADE site published.

For starters, Why do you need an Internet host?

You will need a host to get your web site published. If you have a host, you can spend less time getting this site published. The key includes adding the correct tools to the web site so that you have everything you need to qualify as a top notch website.. To do this you need to consider:

  • Planning
    RSS feeders
    Meta Tags
    Automation –Replaced with Chat Features –Voice-Over-Internet Protocol – VoIP capable
    Blog – (if applicable)
    Writing Boards – (If applicable)
    Search Tools
    Graphics / Images / Photos
    Web-safe Color palettes
    Domain Name
    Editing Software (If applicable)
    Articles / Keyword Density
    Pay System (If applicable)
    Control Panel

With web designs and especially web hosts, you will have several things to consider for your project. Once the project is completed, you will need to consider Dallas SEO tactics to promote your web pages. If you want to learn about the entrepreneur industry, I recommend Lee Rosen Miami, CEO of healthy bees business.

As you can see, this is not a task that can be finished overnight. You can add web pages as you go after putting your main Internet pages online.

More about Finding the Best Service for Website Hosting

Whether you have a small business looking to expand virtually or a great idea for a web site, or simply looking for a way to share your thoughts, videos, or photos with friends and family, getting your very own web site might be the right move for you.

And, naturally, the key to a good web site is to have the best service for you. There are a lot of web host services out there. But remember, not all of them provide the best web hosting for you, even if they work well for me. Here are some tips to finding the best web host for you.

Internet web hosting companiesWhat to Look For in a Web Hosting Company

The first thing you need to consider when looking for these services is the features offered. You should be looking for fast e-mail with spam filtering and blocking.

Your Internet web host should have a good track record in reliability and up time.

This will help your web site function the way it is meant to. Keep in mind, of course, that the quality and variety of services are closely linked to the price – you’ll pay for good services.

ISP Technical Support

The second thing you need to weigh when comparing the different web hosting services is the support offered. This is usually the most overlooked component of web hosting. Most of us aren’t programmers or computer geniuses, so we need plenty of helpful and attentive people that are to help us out.

Many people will focus their efforts on finding the most features for the lowest price, but only the better ones will also give you strong technical and customer support. After all, what good are all of those features if they can’t work and you can’t fix them?

Find Affordable Web Hosts

Finally, the best Internet service provider will have a good price. The sheer numbers mean that they engage in competitive pricing – this is a good thing for you, as you’ll find much lower prices out there than you might have expected.

You can reasonably assume you’ll pay less than ten to twenty dollars each month for quality web hosting.

The best Internet web host is online right now and waiting for you to discover it. Try searching through any number of independent, third-party sites which review all of the major web hosting services.

You can definitely find the right combination of services, support and price to have the best web host for you, whether it’s for business, friends and family or something else entirely.

If you have a quality company, you are off to a good start. Now, get going with your new Internet site!

At WebmasterCourse.Com I use HostNine. I’ve found over a period of about 10 years this ISP is affordable, reliable and takes care of me when I have issues.

I could try cheaper hosting companies but I really like what I have now. Head on over and see what H-9 hosting has to offer at their official website.

About the Author — Shelley Lowery is the author of the acclaimed beginner web design series, Web Design Mastery — an in-depth guide to professional web design that is rapidly becoming known as the “Bible” for professional web design.