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How to Increase Web Traffic – Need To Pull Your Site Out of the Rut?

Did you build a website only to discover it’s going nowhere? Trying to figure out how to increase web traffic can be mind boggling!

After all, there are thousands (if not millions) of sites vying for your attention in the Internet marketing world.

All promise targeted traffic and easy ways to get it. But what’s the real secret to success online?

3 Traffic Magnet Tips for How to Increase Web Traffic

Here are 3 “traffic magnet” tips to help you get on the road to Internet success…

1. Build on Little Known Niche Keywords

Before creating your web pages, do some research to find little known niche keywords that are related to your site.

These are key phrases (or long tail keywords) that get anywhere from 1,000 to 75,000 searches per month, but aren’t all that competitive.

You can use tools such as Traffic Travis (free version available), Google keyword tools and others to compare terms and phrases and find out how easy it would be to get listed for those particular phrases.

Once you find about 10 to 20 very good niche keywords, then build your pages based on the keywords.

Use one page to focus on one or two phrases, and then include the phrases throughout the written content on that page, in a text link or two, and even within the “alt tag” for images.

Be sure the main key phrase you wish to target is included in a tag as well.
Heading 1

Your Headline

This should be the main heading for your page.

Once you create a page with the chosen niche phrase, then submit that page to search engines and promote it with article linking, blogs, social links and pay-per-click ads.

You can find information about all these methods when researching how to increase web traffic online.

2. Get into the Social Scene

Once you’ve optimized your site with some great keywords and phrases, start “socializing” your site through Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Stumbleupon, and other similar social sites. I also recommend to read how to use Facebook Quizzes.

These sites will give you valuable links back to your site as well as help you reach new audiences.

Every time you post a new product or article on your site, link to it from all the available social networks so you can start building a following of targeted viewers.

You can even advertise on Facebook or Twitter using a very affordable pay-per-click campaign! Just go slowly with these and test every aspect.

Once your social pages and accounts are set up, then use them to promote press releases, blogs and other related pages about your site.

Build a circle of promotion with high ranking sites so you can always be on the move towards success. And never stop researching how to increase web traffic… these and other methods are always changing!

3. Make Your Site Irresistible

Building a site is one thing, but making it appealing to others is a whole different ball game.

Why do you want your site to be appealing and useful? It will not only attract new users and buyers, but also incoming links from other great sites.

When researching how to increase web traffic, you’ll likely see the term “link baiting.” This simply means your site is a link magnet because of its wealth of resources and information.

When you offer useful content such as videos, articles, resources, lists, etc., then your site will become a resource that others refer to their customers.

Other site owners will begin to use your site as a reference and point some of their site’s links to your site as a valuable resource for their users.

Essentially, your site can become the “go to” for answers or resources in your field.

When this happens, you’ll start getting non-reciprocal links from high ranking sites, and your site’s search engine rankings will soar!

Use these three basic methods as a foundation when learning how to increase web traffic. You’ll start seeing results sooner than you might think!

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