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HTML Web Design Introduction – Building Blocks for the Beginner

Ready to dive into website designing? Remember that HTML web design is the building block for beginners in creating Internet pages so read this introduction to HTML for beginners closely.

In a world where people have websites the way they used to have printed business cards, the system certainly has HTML web designevolved to place it within everyone’s reach to have a presence on the web of their own.

There are free hosting services, and there are lots of user-friendly web design courses and programs that help you get a basic (or moderately sophisticated) website up and running in no time.

The downside to having the Internet be so available and approachable is that people don’t nearly put enough thought into their efforts when they set off down a path making a website to call their own.

Here’s a little call that should help you get back to the essentials of some of the best designed websites to start. To help everyone remember how important it still is to make sure that a personal website is a good one.

Why Build Pages?

The reason you have a website is almost always that you want people to be able to find you and come to you. Now people will find you only if you make your website search engine friendly. You need to make sure that you read up a little about search engine optimization.

Google finds it easier to locate a website when there is a lot of text on it. This would help it connect your website with the kind of subject you have in mind. Make sure your website has a reasonable number of instances of the kinds of words that searchers would usually think of to locate your site.

Of course this would mean that you would need to not make your website too dependent on Flash videos and graphics.

Those are things that the search engines just cannot fathom. While you certainly can have videos and pictures, if you want, you need to make sure that there’s text in there too that gives the search engines something something to sink their teeth into.

HTML web design for beginnersFinding a Theme and Niche

Good website design is supposed to follow a kind of philosophy. The best way to pick up on a good philosophy would be to go about on Internet and to find websites that seem to draw you in for no tangible reason.

When you pick up enough good vibes from websites to do with what a solid core layout is supposed to look like, you can take it from there. Have you ever been to a website and found that it worked well on Internet Explorer but not on Google Chrome?

Have you ever found a website that seemed to go haywire if you used an unconventional screen resolution? What kind of impression does it leave you with when a website has broken links or links that work unreliably?

You are probably understandably frustrated at how some people just put websites out there that they don’t care to think through. Make sure that no one says that about your website. Make sure that your website is good for prime time before you launch it.

About White Space

The way some people design their websites, they try to make sure that there is as little wasted space is possible. Good website design requires that you actually waste quite a bit of space. The best format would be allowing wide margins on either side of your content that have nothing in them.

To allow for 20% free space on either side of your content would be the best. It draws attention to your content. Check out TMZ or any other major website.

That’s what they do. Make sure that you maintain a general website look all over that is consistent from page to page. And make sure that the stuff you have on your website doesn’t slow the speed at which it loads.


HTML Web Design