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HTML Indent [Video] – How to Create an HTML Indent in Your Web Page Text

Do you want your web page to look and feel more like offline books and periodicals? Using an HTML indent will help you get the outcome you want. This video HTML tutorial covers more about web design codes. Learn in this website designing tutorial to use them correctly to make your page look more professional.

An HTML indent code enables you to indent text on your web page creation easily. You can do so for the paragraphs (similar to tabbing over with the tab key when typing) or indent text for emphasis or sectioning of your paragraphs.

If you try to do so using the traditional tab key method, then you might find that your web page program automatically “fixes” the text for you, thus, removing the indention!

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How to Write Indent Code in HTML

To create a reliable indention, you’ll want to use an HTML indent code. Designers have used various methods to create indented text on a web page, including non-breaking spacing, blockquotes, unorthodox list structures, images, cascading style sheets, preformatted text, tables, etc. Each method has pros and cons because no two browsers or web pages are exactly alike!

In this video, the “text indent” property is being used to create this feature. The value assigned can be in px, in, mm, cm, pt, pc, or ex measurements. The video uses “px,” which stands for pixels.

The indent is created by clicking into the text property tag area in your page’s HTML code. Type “text-indent:”. Then assign a value to the text you’d like to indent, such as 300px (space after the colon and then type the “300pix” before the ending bracket). The 300 can be changed to any number to assign the number of pixel spaces you’d like to move the text in the indention.

This is a very simple way to indent your text without having to create non-related features on the page, such as indented images or blockquotes. This “HTML indent” video and others can teach you how to easily design your web page to look the way you want it. You may also benefit by completing an entire web design training course for beginners if you’d like to learn even more techniques.

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HTML Indent