HTML Image Code

Learn HTML Image Code – Video Teaches How to Add Photos or Images to Your Web Page

Adding HTML code for images to your web page can greatly enhance its look and feel. You can even edit image properties to wrap your text around the image on the left or right side, or to create alternate text for an image with SEO friendly keywords, check out adv seo services if you want some extra help.

This website designing tutorial will cover a few of the “how to” aspects of using the hypertext markup language so watch and learn. .

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Use HTML image link code to create links from your images to other sites or to other pages within your own site. You’ll find lots of reasons like those listed below but don’t overdo it. You want your website design to look clean and professional – no room for clutter.

Uses for HTML Image Codes

Normally, you’ll use the HTML image code to insert your company or website logo, photos, animations, banners or other images to enhance your web page. Images must be placed strategically on a web page so they won’t distract readers. HTML images can make a page flow more smoothly while livening up the content for your readers.

How to Add Codes for Images

Create an HTML tag within your page’s source code where you would like the image to appear. Be sure it doesn’t overlap any of your content.

Open the tag with “img src” which stands for “image source.” The image name (name.gif or name.jpg) must be inserted within quotes after an equal sign.

Then the tag must be closed. This tells your server where the image is located, whether on your server or another website’s server.

Generally you’ll use an image located on your own website’s server. On rare occasions you might insert a pre made image code from another website to promote affiliate products or for other reasons.

Never link images from another website without written permission!

Now that you’ve had one class on HTML language, you might decide to become a designer – hope you learned enough to get excited about web design!

HTML Image Code