How to Start an Online Business 8

How To Start an Online Business Part 8 – Automate Your Business

NOTE: You have already learned a multitude of information about how to start an online business from scratch so this piece about how to automate is just one of many Internet solutions. Study as much as possible about web designing after you read this report. You may even want to consider other programs as well.

You Are the Boss

Running a successful Internet business can be a very time consuming venture. Not only must you design and market your website, but you must also develop your products, fulfill your orders and answer customer support requests — the list goes on and on.

Although there will always be daily tasks that you must handle personally, there are a number of your daily tasks that you can automate or at least partially automate.

Things To Do

For example, if you’re receiving the same basic support requests or questions over and over again, there are two different ways you can automate your answers:

1) Create a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page for your website and/or products. Your page should include a list of commonly asked questions and provide the answers for each.

2) Create a text template for each of your frequently asked questions that contain the answers. When you receive a commonly asked question, simply open your text file and copy and paste your pre written answer into your email message. You can then customize your message for each recipient.

The above example will assist you in partially automating some of your daily tasks. However, there are some tasks that can be completely automated simply by placing your information within an autoresponder.

How to use autorespondersAutoresponder Mailing Programs And Other Web Design Tools

Autoresponders are one of the top promotional tools available online today. They are also known as mailbots, automatic email and email on demand.

They were derived from the very popular fax on demand and designed to automatically respond to any email message sent to it with an automatic response.

Scripts and Software

Autoresponder programs vary from software set up to run with your desktop email program to a script that runs on your server.

The script may run a web-based autoresponder system that utilizes a web page form, or it may run with your pop email account on your server.

It is programmed to automatically send out a predetermined message when a message is received to a specified script address or email address.

Below is a list of tasks that you can completely automate:


If you’re writing articles to promote your business, you can place them within an autoresponder. This will enable your visitors to quickly and easily retrieve your articles on demand.

Ad Rates

If you’re selling any type of advertising space, you can place your ad rates within an autoresponder to enable your visitors to request them at any time.

Business Opportunities

If you’re promoting a business opportunity, you can provide your potential customers with further information via autoresponder.

Free Courses

In addition to the standard autoresponder systems, there are also autoresponders that can send an unlimited amount of follow-up messages.

These follow-up messages can be set up to automatically be sent out at predetermined intervals. In other words, you can set up your autoresponder to automatically send out a new message each day for as many days as you would like.

Follow-up autoresponder systems will enable you to set up a free course used to increase your sales. As you may know, it may take up to seven contacts with a potential customer before closing a sale. By setting up an autoresponder and offering a free autoresponder course, you can completely automate a portion of your marketing efforts.

The examples above can be set up with any of the following autoresponder services:



Go here to take a test drive at Aweber


In addition to autoresponders automating some of your daily tasks, there are also scripts that can be used to automatically respond to form submissions.

For example, if you’re processing your customers’ orders yourself (with a merchant account, secure server, etc.), you can use a form processing script to not only process your customers’ information, but to also do all of the following:

Send out an order confirmation message
Add your customers’ information to your database
Send out download instructions
Send you a copy of the order

Processing Off Your Site

If you’re using a third-party credit card processing company, there is a way you can automate your ordering process as well.

Third-party processing companies require that you provide a web address that is used to direct your customers to once their payment has been processed. This page is usually used to provide your customers with download instructions.

However, you can use this page to collect your customers’ information prior to directing them to your download page. Simply use a script like the one mentioned above.

Please keep in mind, there aren’t many form processing scripts that will send out an autoresponse file — most won’t. However, the following form processing script will:

Web Based Systems

In addition to using a form processing script to automate your ordering process, you can also use a web based mailing script.

Instead of setting up your “download” page with the above form, place a subscription form within the page. This form will be used to collect your customers’ name and email address.

Once completed, your customers’ information will be added to your database and an autoresponse message will be immediately sent out. This message should be used to thank your customer for their purchase, and provide them with download instructions.

PersonalizationAutomate your online business

The great thing about this technique is that you can personalize your autoresponse message with your customers’ name.

In addition, they are automatically added to a database, which will enable you to send out product updates or introduce new products.

Please keep in mind, not all web based mailing scripts will send out an autoresponse message or enable you to personalize your messages. However, the following scripts will:

1-2-All Broadcast

A complete list management system including HTML or plain text newsletters, MySQL database, personalization features, automatic removal links and more.

AutoResponse Plus:

Complete list management including unlimited lists, HTML or plain text mailings, MySQL database, customizable auto-personalization of messages, automatic removal links, unlimited folow-up autoresponses and more.

Saving Time = Money

Automating portions of your Internet business is an essential part of your success. Not only will it lighten your workload, but it will also free up your valuable time.

I hope this article has contributed to your understanding about web design and incorporating credit card ecommerce into your online business. Now that you have found a few answers, it’s time to move on to the Webmaster Course for Beginners. You can also check out Amazowl to learn more about e-commerce marketing services.

How to Start an Online Business 8