How to Learn from Free University Courses (Audit Classes Online)

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Learn how to successfully audit public college computer science courses on the web!

In this video, students Seth Goldin and Sam Crombie discuss learning on the web, methods for choosing a topic and course, tips to consider when conducting your audit, and more!

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⭐️ Course Contents ⭐️
⌨️ (00:00) Intro
⌨️ (01:41) Learning on the Web
⌨️ (08:35) What is "Auditing" a Course?
⌨️ (13:27) Why Audit Courses?
⌨️ (20:36) Choosing the Right Topic
⌨️ (27:35) Choosing the Right Course
⌨️ (34:49) Making the Most of Your Audit
⌨️ (44:34) Next Steps
⌨️ (47:44) Example Audits
⌨️ (58:38) Outro

Disclaimer: We are two students sharing our insights from our personal experiences about the process of auditing in an effort to potentially help you with your journey. We are not affiliated with any colleges, professors, or courses.

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42 thoughts on “How to Learn from Free University Courses (Audit Classes Online)”

    1. I tried to do Courseware (a few years ago) but it was unclear to follow the content of some the courses, I’ll give it a shot again.

    1. Tutorial Heller

      @Matteo Didonè i’m from Latam, Peru and these costs 200$ per month without ‘audit’ option

    2. “Free”, but the average person also pays more in taxes to fund the universities. Most tax revenue in the US comes from the wealthiest third of Americans; the average American pays relatively little in taxes.

    3. @Jay in Japan Most american tax revenue gets pumped into the military while billionaires barely pay any taxes.

  1. This channel is gold. How can free education not be a good thing. Thankyou for educating me and the society. Hope people learn to give back to society and be grateful. Thank-you

    1. @Sir Jere Archive well not everyone is educated equally. Hence they append lesser value to good education.
      Nevertheless good deeds must be done without expecting any rewards. ❤️

  2. “Watching lectures at 2x speed will mean they’ll be over faster. But your understanding and retention of the material might be hampered, too.” Me watching this on double speed: 😅

    1. I have ADHD, I can only achieve retention when watching 2x, sounds fun, but the real world doesn’t have a speed setting button lol.

    2. @Frost Have you tried after a couple of minutes to take the speed down to normal? Sounds so weird lol

    3. @Benjamín Peña It certainly sounds weird for people I listen to regularly at 2x after forgetting how they normally sound.

  3. Thanks for the time and effort you fellas put in to this vid. I don’t know if this helped me decide or made me more frustrated.
    I have been in entertainment for 30yrs and have a love/hate relationship with the industry in general – I even own my own company in an Asian country.
    When I was 28, I thought I knew it all. I turned 30 and realized I didn’t know squat. With each passing decade, it’s compounding. I am turning 50 soon and want to learn absolutely everything! Since I am technically savvy, due to the nature of my profession, I build my own pc rigs and love troubleshooting. So sticking with pc related learning just seems logical. I am thinking Python coding first, but then I read or see something on AI or robotics and want to study those also – the list is endless.

    I love all sciences. And just like pc learning, I want to learn geology to quantum physics. I have sooooo many started audits and none completed.

    If I were to focus (extremely hard to do) on just pc related learning and say a programming language, where would you suggest I start? Anyone please chime in 😉 Thanks in advance!!
    BTW, I also have three kids and very irregular work hours.

  4. Thanks a lot guys to introduce an old man(me)a nice & easy way of learning! Highly appreciated🙏🍀

  5. This is great!
    This information should be distributed out to every public school out there. And private schools as well. In fact, this should be distributed out to all schools everywhere out there.
    With the cost of education these days, using this to learn and continuing to learn should be a no brainer.

    If this is not a national type program or recommendation, then it should be. Education should be free for everyone. And fully accessible.

  6. It is impossible to describe how valuable this channel is. My hardest classes become completely manageable, and my interest in learning grows exponentially

  7. Michael Reginald

    Thanks you for the information that you provide. They have been a lifeline for me as I upgrade my skills for re-entry into IT work.

  8. There is a difference between learning, and being recognized for having proper certification.
    People with certs _can be_ idiots, while everyone here who is learning because they want to learn, probably won’t be hired due to not having proper certification.

    1. Silent_Simulator

      @illb2fast4u of couse you judged people… “people who dont need their hand held..” Always the same…those thinking that they are superior are insulting the “inferior” … but quickly forget about it and dont admit it even happened. The next is, again always the same way : They are accusing their critics to suffer from an inferiority complex. just turning the table to hide your not polite attitude..I dont care who you are or what you do , just dont judge people you dont know. Just because the op said there is a difference between “just learning” and “proper certification” doesnt mean that you can come up and tell the world that those “self employed” dont need certifications. You know what? Most people in the world..depends on their countries of course..dont even got the chance of being self employed..and there in such life circumstances it makes a fucking big difference if you “learned something on the internet” or got a certicfication. Because in most countries that counts more than the abilities you really got..

    2. Miss desire Independance

      You can combine these courses with a degree. Your employer will view it as continuing education.

  9. 7:30 perfectly said. I probably should just finish the video first lol but I agree 100%. Each one has it’s trade-offs and one has to learn to extract the benefit out of both.

    1. And I love the fact that they make an effort to call it self-guided learning rather than self-taught which is a misnomer in my opinion

  10. It was so funny 😂 and it made me like 10 times more smarter in just one video the first time watching this channel already love it!

  11. Thanks for such a valuable channel. You guys rock… you are parallel to real education system preparing not only freshman but also experienced professionals.
    You guys continue the good non profit work and dont fall for corporate greed…

  12. mohamed amiin ishak ahmed

    Thank you so much, you made good lecture. World needs such good people like you😍

  13. Study with Erisa

    This video has been the most helpful in my journey to using online courses to get a job. Thank you for everything!

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