How to Get Started in Beginner Web Design

how to get started in beginner web designIt’s said that it takes massive power to start a locomotive moving, but hardly any energy to keep it going. Website designing is similar. That’s why I wrote these tips for how to get started in beginner web design to give you an idea of the basics. Use these strategies as a guide to successful design.

Take time to make some goals and get serious about learning web design even if you are a beginner.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure this stuff out but you do have to work at it if you want to be even a starting webmaster.

I hope these web design tips and tutorials will be helpful to you in reaching your Internet goals. They are free and will show you avenues to take including software, domain name ownership searches, hosting and traffic generation, to name a few.

Advice for How to Get Started in Beginner Web Design

Starting out can be scary, but it doesn’t have to be that way. What you have to learn depends upon your individual level of confidence, training and free time available for website development.

You’ll find many programs and software for WYSIWYG ( what you see is what you get ) Internet page designing but some people (maybe you?) would like to learn a little more about HTML and other language to build a site from scratch, Here are a few tips.

Know the Purpose of Your Website

In the beginning you need to determine the purpose of your web site and what sort of content or information will best suit your purpose.

If your new site is strictly for personal use, and you don’t mind having advertisements on your pages, you can get a free Internet program online and use the software they provide in order to create a basic website that will suit your purposes.

However, if you wish to use your website for a business or to make money online, you will want to do an ownership search, get your own domain name and sign up with a web hosting company, which should give you more flexibility and a more professional look.

Plan Your Work and Work Your Plan

Before diving into designing, be sure and follow the basic beginning web design principles. This means that you want to have uncluttered pages that are easy to follow.

Establish Your Site Name

Have a few titles in mind that go along with the theme of your business or personal reasoning for putting up and website.

Then do an ownership domain search to find a URL that meets your needs. .Com sites are usually best but .Net or .Org are two others to consider dependent upon the type of site. Choose your name carefully as it is difficult to change later.

Design Your Background

Usually it is best to have a light colored background with dark colored text, and to make your links easily visible by using a different color and underlining them. Blue is a common option for this.

Make Sure Your Visitors Can Find Their Way

You will want some sort of navigation bar either on the top of the page or the side, or both, so that people can easily switch between the pages of your site to get to the information that they need.

If your new website is difficult to maneuver, your visitors will not be there for long. If they leave and never come back, no rapport is created and they’ll forget you in a hurry!

Design a Simple Website

Regardless of the type of website you are planning to design, you should keep your text blocks short. People online like for a page to be easy on the eye, something they can read in detail or be able to scan.

You don’t want huge paragraphs, as this makes it more difficult to read and many people will lose interest quickly. Break up your web page with subheads, or maybe even a picture or two (make sure you own the rights to do so) and your visitor will have a pleasant experience.

Bullet points, tables, and lists can also help to break up the text. Try to keep the first page a general overview so you don’t bog people down with too much information. They can click on the links to get more information on the topics they are most interested in.

Generate Traffic to Your New Website

One thing is for sure–You can build the perfect web site with all the bells and whistles, photos and graphic designs, etc. but without people coming in to look, it’s worthless.

The art of traffic generation is essential to make your Internet pages known to the world. You can opt for paid or free search engine avenues. These are too involved to get into here but take time to learn about SEO ( search engine optimization ) and other ways of generating meaningful traffic to your URL.

You’ll be happy you did!

Find ways to keep your visitors on your pages and entice them to move on to other pages within your site by writing engaging content. The website design and the flow of your pages can really help with this. Take your time, plan and research to make your new domain the best it can be.

Get Started in Beginner Web Design