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How to Design a Website – Should You Learn Web Design?

How to design a websiteYou really love working with your mind and you want to put up your personal or business on the Internet.The quandary is whether to take time to learn how to design a website or get someone to create it for you. There are pros and cons to both and I’ll cover them below.

There are many web designer tutorials these days teaching you how to design a website for home business or other uses but where to start?

Beginner Web Design Classes?

More and more people are becoming webmasters these days and now it’s your turn to learn how to design a website but you are not sure where to begin.

DIY Or Hire a Professional Web Designer?

If you want to use a qualified, experienced professional, you will want to research by visiting the sites of those same persons. Do not fall for their own advertising saying they offer the best website design in the world, on the planet, on the worldwide web, etc., for they may be lying (imagine that!?).

As you have probably seen elsewhere, more than one vendor will boast the best, will toss out this hyperbole, and will in effect have to be lying, except the one honest designer.

To make a point, the latest TV ads for “fewest dropped calls” reveal two competing cell companies each saying they are the number one company with the least dropped calls. Do the math, here, and realize that..

One: only one of them can boast lowest number

Two: they are endorsing themselves, and

Three: why would you want ANY dropped calls? Anyway, on to better examples, more appropriate to web design.

Regarding Becoming A Web Design Professional

You do not have to be a web designer to learn how to design a website – then get your pages up and running, and in fact many experts believe that the majority of current Internet pages are put up by people who have never studied in a formal web design program but are creating from courses learned online or through e-books.

Nonetheless, if you are serious about being an IT professional, or even if you are simply someone who finds a good bit of use for web designing building skills in your daily life, studying in a professional web design program can really be a welcome boost to your career.

Or, you might just want to learn how to design a website for personal use or to start your own Internet business. There are thousands of reasons for designing but all lead to one fact.

You must absolutely first learn ..

How To Design A Website For Beginners

Here is my recommendation for a beginner web site design course that teaches HTML, PHP and other aspects of web design at a beginner’s level.

If you’ve recently joined the stampede of Internet users who are hoping to start an online small business on a low budget, then you’ll need some basic HTML and web design skills to get started.

Why Learn How To Design A Website?

Maybe you’re wondering why you should even bother to learn web design with so many professional programmers and designers available today. The answer’s simple!

If you have thousands of dollars to pay a web designer and will always depend on them to update your site when needed, then you likely will never need to learn web design. Or, if you need difficult programming for your website that requires certain know-how, then surely a programmer would make things a lot easier.

Getting Your Small Business Online

But if you’re like the average home business dreamer…. you probably don’t have a large, disposable amount of capital to get started.

And you might have already heard rumors of web designer “nightmares” – when a designer DOES NOT update your site in a timely manner. (Those times when you need an update today, but it doesn’t happen until next week… or next month!)

How to Design a Website