How to Change a Domain Name

How to Change a Domain NameMost people ( even some webmasters ) don’t have a clue when it comes to how to change a domain name. Hopefully this tutorial will get you pointed in the right direction to making a change of URL.

There are lots of reasons to change domain names so I won’t go into these but you at least will have an idea of how to do it when necessary.

Luckily, most Internet hosting services are happy to help you make the changes necessary if you don’t want to learn the complete process.

If You Had to – Do You Know How to Change a Domain Name?

This article will hopefully teach you more about the sometimes confusing subject of changing domain name. It doesn’t have to be that complicated if you just follow a few steps.

The process is outlined by most Internet hosting company tutorials readily available online. It seems like new information is discovered about something every day. And the topic of changing domain names is no exception. Keep reading to get more fresh news about how to do it.

Changing Your URL

How to change domain names is the primary focus of this page. So, if you are one of those hundreds of people who wanted to change domain names, but always fell in the trap of wondering how to change them, this page is definitely for you.

Among the increase in the number of people opening an account for domain names, there is also an increase in the number who wish to change their domain name. This is a common situation in the domain name field today, and many people are doing such adjustments daily.

What You need to Know about Changing Domain Names

One is that to change domain names, you document and then break all trust connections that exist between the domains whose name you will be adjusting and all the other domains.

To changeover to a new url, you should make sure you remove the trust entry on both sides of the trust.

After which, you end all BackOffice services such as the Microsoft Exchange Server, SQL Server, and the Internet Information Server. Set the startup to manual on all these services and then change domain names on the PDC.

Once these steps to change domain names are done, you need to reboot the PDC. Rebooting will cause the <1Bh> entry for the new domain to surface in the WINS server.

And if you are applying WINS for NetBIOS over the TCP/IP name resolution, you force the copying from the PDC’s primary WINS server to all other WINS servers to transmit the <1Bh> entry for the changed domain.

It is also important to consider how to change domain names where the name resolution to the PDC is significant for every BDC in order to successfully change to a new domain name.

The next step to changing domain names is to reboot the domain name and restart. After that, you need to force the copying from all WINS servers to transmit the <1Ch> entry and if done, reestablish the trust connection.

Then you should reenter the service account for each of the BackOffice services that were ended in step two.

Pick the account by applying the Startup button instead of typing in the account name and then set the services back to Automatic startup, if necessary. Then you reboot the services in the proper sequence.

Changing Your Domain on Each Server

You should change them on each member server or workstation. But for the down level clients such as Windows, it is necessary to change the workgroup names to the new ones.

And then the synchronization of the entire domain ends the process to change domain names.

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