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web designHow to Blog – Blogging Seems to be Here to Stay

There is a new craze on the Internet called a blog. A blog is an online journal. Many individuals learn how to blog for just writing on their feelings about the events in their day, or feelings about whatever.

Some people are learning how to blog to make a little extra money. This is possible, but the blog needs to have a following.

Blogging Readership

Blogs which make money have a large group of readers, and have ads like ones that Google Adsense provides. Some blog sites allow ads to be placed on the blogs they host.

Two examples of these sites are Google’s and

If the reader clicks on an ad, and stays at the ad for 30 seconds, the click generates revenue of around $.02.

Having lots of visitors increases the potential for clicks on those ads, generating money.

This is how to blog for making money. However, that is not all there is to it.

What to Put on a Blog

How to blogBlogs which attract a large following are usually the kind that contain information that people are looking for.

There are informational blogs on a wide variety of subjects.

The most popular subjects seem to be on topics like making money from home, parenting, and using computers.

There are many more, but these are just a few.

Blogging Subscriptions

People who want to learn about these topics subscribe to the writer’s blog, and will find relevant ads alongside the blog that might interest them enough to click through.

People who are successful at generating revenue with their blog have learned how to blog for that purpose.

Blog For the Fun of It

Not everyone chooses to blog for money. Anyone can start a blog, and most blog servers are completely free. An excellent blog site is

This blogging site is owned by Google. Another one is relatively new, but growing quickly. It’s called

These blogs work with Google adsense to generate money per click. Follow the instructions when setting up a free blog with WordPress. It’s free and easy.

Learn how to blogHow Much Will I Make From My Blog?

Don’t expect to make lots of money from a blog. They seldom generate much, but the potential is there if you are willing to do the right things and work at it.

There are many possibilities for money bloggers but, if you don’t care about income, you might want to start your blog for fun, to see if you enjoy writing on a regular basis, and that might be enough of a reason for blogging.

Many people know how to blog for catharsis reasons, and that is often enough, regardless of the size of the readership.

Others are learning how to blog for the purposes of being a part of a community of people who are writing for the same reason, on the same topics as they are.

That can be a good way of finding a supportive group of writers.

Blogging, whether for fun or for trying to make extra money, is a worthwhile endeavor.

So, go to one of the blog sites and get started learning how to get into blogging today.

How to Blog