How to Blog with Pictures

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How to Blog with Pictures – “The Most Popular Type Is Blogging With Pictures”

There are many reasons to learn how to blog but one of the most popular seems to be blogging with pictures. These are fun and easy to do once you get your blogger feet going.

But, I’m not a Photographer!

Well, maybe you don’t know it yet so read this first. Just how popular is blogging nowadays?

Just think of the different innovations made from the regular blog which contains pure alphabet and numbers.

Before, you are describing the appearance of your baby girl to her grandparents back home through words.

But now, they can actually see the smile of their new granddaughter through the Web log’s new feature—photo blogging!

What Is A Photo Blog?

What is photo blogging, and how it is different from the regular blog that you are uploading to your site? Actually, it is still a blog.

The only difference is, as the name suggests, is the dominance of the author’s photograph rather than the usual text contents.

It is dominant in the sense that the photographs included in the blog are now the main subject.

The text are included as an accomplice and used as a caption to the photograph included.

How Did Blogging With Pictures Get Started?

Photo blogging started from the use of personal images or photograph galleries.

When blogs emerged, together with the systems that enable blogging, different computer analyst suddenly comes to the idea of personalizing further blogging by enabling bloggers to publish their images to their site in a chronological order.

It added a fresh and unique approach as opposed to the static gallery.

Loading Photos To A Blog

Photo blog entries are usually posted on a regular basis. There is no set rule but at least 2-3 times per week if not more often.

Consistency is the rule for more readership.

The posts are normally time-stamped and listed in a chronological order with the newest uploaded photo/s (take note that you can post more than one photo on a single blog) displayed first on the main page of the blog.

Older entries can be accessed through category sections.

Thus, it enables your visitors to navigate back and forward in a chronological order through a picture blog’s images.

Archives Keep Blogging With Pictures Simple For Readers And Posters

Photo blogging sites also have archives available which are often divided either by month, date or category.

Your blogging with pictures site also allows your visitors to leave their comments which are associated with a particular entry.

Often visitors leave a link in their comments that connects back to their site.

Thus, it creates a blogging community with you and your visitors able to communicate with each other through site’s links.


Blogs make use of content management system (CMS) which usually gives you a certain website that facilitates the creation and management of posts and uploading of images.

It usually delivers web pages based on the information you entered.

Existing blogging CMS are now modified and now makes use of add on or plug-ins (and sometimes core code rewriting) to facilitate the transition from a regular blog to photo blogging.

Photo Blog Features

Mobile blogging, where it enables you to facilitate creation of photo blogs through your cellular phone and uploading it to your site.

Text caption, where you can provide some text description of your uploaded images

Adding entries in the past, where you can add new entries to previous blogs that you have made.

Archiving, where it automatically saves all your entries. Visitors can also gain access of the previous blog entries through this feature.

Blog Picture Comments, where your visitors can post their thoughts and point of views with regards to your photo blogs.

Links where your visitor can leave together with their comments.

Profiles, where you can enter different personal details about yourself as the author of the photo blog.

When you discover how to blog with pictures, you will be able to display to the whole world what you’ve got.

Show your best photography skills by blogging with pictures and you’ll soon develop a dedicated following of viewers.

Happy blogging!

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