How to Add Subscribers

How to Add Subscribers – Build Your Mailing List

How to add subscribers to Your Web Email List

Make it grow! The following article lists some simple, informative tips that will help you have a better experience with mailing lists. One key ingredient for building a solid Web customer base for your site is learning how to add subscribers to an email newsletter, a.k.a. e-zine.

It is called e-zine because it is actually an electronic magazine that is sent on a regular basis by email or How to add subscribersother online means.

The reason an e-zine is important to your business is because it builds trust between you and your visitors.

An e-zine enables you to contact visitors again and again without spamming them. You can provide useful information weekly or monthly. And, you can offer your products or services using small ads within your e-zine.

The Task of Gaining E-zine Subscribers

The phrase “build and they will come” does not apply with an e-zine. You must promote to gain subscribers. The good news is you don’t have to sell subscriptions. So, how do you persuade visitors to subscribe to your e-zine?

“I personally use Aweber for my Web Design Weekly subscriber list and I love the fact that they give unlimited autoresponders for very little cost.

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Opt-In Subscribers

Work with your Web host to ensure proper e-zine publishing. Most hosts require your e-zine subscriber list to be an opt-in list.

This simply means the subscriber must physically fill in a form to subscribe. Double opt-in is even better – where the subscriber must confirm their subscription by email after subscribing. Doing so will protect you from spam complaints because it gives you proof of when the person subscribed to your list.

Placement of Subscription Forms

Once you have a proper subscription setup approved by your Web host, place your subscription form on every possible page of your site. Place the form within your presentations and lead the visitors to subscribe. Here’s an example:

How can you put a limit on learning more about building your mailing list? The next section may contain that one little bit of wisdom that changes everything.

Naturally, if the reader is already interested in your presentation, he/she will likely subscribe.

how to add subscribers to a newsletterSubscription Page Build a separate page on your site for the newsletter.

On this page, you can give a more detailed presentation of your e-zine, including the theme, covered topics, frequency of e-zine, etc.

Place a link to the subscription page from every page of your site.

Promote Your E-zine

Once you’ve added a subscription page to your site, you can promote your e-zine several ways.
Here’s a list of some proven promotional techniques.

1. Set up a subscriber base

The first step of course is to set up an e-zine. There are many programs available online which will help you do this. The company I use for my mailing list server is Aweber.

I like knowing that I can add as many mailing lists and autoresponders as I need and Aweber performs well on all counts. They have an easy to use setup too. You can find more about Aweber and building a mailing list here.

2. Submit your e-zine to e-zine directories.

Another part of your Internet marketing plan might be to place ads in other newsletters like yours.

You can locate e-zine directories by doing a Google search with these keywords: e-zine directory (directories), submit e-zine, submit newsletter, advertise e-zine, promote e-zine.

3. Write articles related to your site theme.

You can post your own articles at your site or other sites to gain traffic. Include a small ad about your e-zine at the conclusion of every article with a link to your subscription page.

Add subscribers to mailing lists4. Include a link to your subscription page in all your materials to existing customers.

Some of them may subscribe only after trying out your company.

Use these tips to build a lucrative subscriber base for your e-zine, and you’ll soon discover how an e-zine can increase sales!

Knowing enough about mailing lists to make solid, informed choices cuts down on the fear factor.

If you apply what you’ve just learned about building and maintaining a mailing list, you should have nothing to worry about. Get started here ..