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Helpful Internet Terms and Definitions

Internet terms and definitionsConfused? Are you new to the Internet but want to get started? Yes, some of the Internet terms and definitions you most likely know but some are still confusing.

Be in the know before trying to design your own website.

Most Common Internet Terms

Here are some of the most common internet terms used when talking about web site design and/or promotion. I hope these will help you while reading material about the internet and designing your own internet site.

Web Site – this is your entire internet business which includes your homepage and any additional pages extending out from your homepage.

Web Page – one page of your web site.

E-mail – electronic mail, the way you will communicate with others on the net.

Surfer – You; when you’re surfing online to find pages of interest on the Internet.

Newsgroups – special interest groups that have a certain virtual message board confined to a topic or business where the people interested in that topic or business can post and read messages.

Signature File – your ending statement(or signature) after posting a message in either e-mail or a newsgroup which may include a headline, special offer, and a link to your web site.

Post – to send in a message to either a newsgroup or targeted list.

Mailing List – a list of e-mail addresses used to send e-mail messages to a certain group of people.

HTML – the language detected by the internet that turns computer “language” into a readable internet web page. HTML stands for hypertext markup language.

You may consider some of these web definitions to be simple and redundant information about Internet terms. But don’t be surprised if you find yourself recalling and using some of these very Internet terms in the next few days.

E-zine – electronic magazine sent out by companies on the internet either free or by subscription via e-mail to customers or potential customers.

Spamming – sending out e-mail to people without their inquiry or permission.

Link – a certain word, phrase, or graphic that links or goes to another page or another segment of that same page. Example: Click here to learn web design for beginners.

URL – your web site address(www.yoursite.com).

Banner – an advertisement on a web page in the form of a graphic.

Keywords – words that describe a web site, it’s products, and/or services.

Search Engines – places on the internet that search for internet sites using keywords that are related to the internet site’s products, services, or company name. Example: Google.Com

WebCrawlers – robots that search internet sites to determine by the keywords in which category that site should be placed by the search engines.

Title – your company or product name or a brief phrase describing what your company does.

Meta Tags – Code inserted into web pages to help the search engines know what your website is about. Includes the title of the webpage, a description you want surfers to use to find your website.

Is there really any information about Internet terms that is nonessential? We all see things from different angles, so something relatively insignificant to one may be crucial to another.

Internet Terms and Definitions