HashiCorp Terraform Associate Certification Course – Pass the Exam!

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Prepare for the HashiCorp Terraform Associate Certification and pass! The Terraform Associate certification is for Cloud Engineers specializing in operations, IT, or development who know the basic concepts and skills associated with open source HashiCorp Terraform.

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✏️ Developed by Andrew Brown of ExamPro

⭐️ Course Contents ⭐️
⌨️ (00:00:00) Introduction
⌨️ (00:17:01) IaC Concepts
⌨️ (00:37:32) HashiCorp
⌨️ (00:41:39) Terraform Basics
⌨️ (02:00:07) Terraform Provisioners
⌨️ (03:03:46) Terraform Providers
⌨️ (03:43:39) Terraform Language
⌨️ (03:48:27) Variables and Data
⌨️ (04:34:30) Resource Meta Arguments
⌨️ (05:15:07) Terraform Expressions
⌨️ (06:01:28) Terraform State
⌨️ (06:12:34) Init and Get
⌨️ (06:15:01) Fmt, Validate, Console
⌨️ (06:18:09) Plan and Apply
⌨️ (06:24:19) Infrastructure Drift
⌨️ (06:39:34) Terraform Troubleshooting
⌨️ (06:49:03) Terraform Modules
⌨️ (07:28:20) Team Workflows
⌨️ (08:05:31) Terraform Backends
⌨️ (09:41:14) Resources and Complex Types
⌨️ (09:52:02) Built-In Functions
⌨️ (10:22:22) Terraform Cloud
⌨️ (10:46:02) Terraform Enterprise
⌨️ (10:55:39) Workspaces
⌨️ (11:58:34) Packer and Terraform
⌨️ (12:25:56) Consul and Terraform
⌨️ (12:27:05) Vault and Terraform
⌨️ (12:59:58) Alantis, CDK for Terraform, GruntWork, Terragrunt, TerraTest
⌨️ (13:08:29) Booking Your Exam

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35 thoughts on “HashiCorp Terraform Associate Certification Course – Pass the Exam!”

  1. I actually really like that you run into little problems constantly in this video and work through them live rather than presenting a flawless pre-tested workflow. Getting accustomed to searching the docs, modifying the example code blocks, and thinking through issues provides a way more natural learning experience that more closely mimics what it’s like to actually work with a new product or platform. Good stuff.

    1. SO MUCH THIS. I’m impressed with the learning process presented here. It’s almost like he’s making these mistakes semi-intentionally just so he can show us the process of looking up the fix.

  2. manjunath pujar

    This has to be the best tutorial on Terraform available on youtube. Kudos to Andrew, thank you for such a detailed content. I really appreciate you for including troubleshooting part while applying the configuration files, that helped in understanding various issues and concepts.
    I have cleared the Terraform associate exam yesterday.!!
    All the best everyone.

    1. @Penshami I studied Terraform official documentation thoroughly(with hands-on) and than went through this tutorial. I wud suggest anyone appearing for exam to first go through official documentation and use this tutorial as a crash course. That should be enough to clear the exam.

    2. @neeraj gupta Yes, but I recommend you to go through Terraform official documentation along with this tutorial.

  3. Brandon Sorenson

    I can’t tell you how long i’ve struggled with understanding complex variable types. This has given me such a better understanding of it…so much so that I’m going to be able to simplify my pre-defined modules for vsphere quite a bit.

  4. cannot imagine such stuffs are available for free and we can have such good material in our hands at no cost..love lots and best wishes! keep growing more and more

  5. Just a heads up, i watched this over 2 days (skipped most of the hands on), and I took the cert today and passed with a 93%. Everything on the test was in this video. I’ve used terraform maybe once before.

    1. trolling dirty

      @Yahya Abulhaj I will hire someone with hands-on experience before some savant that has a cert and nothing.

    2. trolling dirty

      @Yahya Abulhaj Not a recruiter, 30 year engineer, currently focused on public cloud for medical device industry in the DevSecOps space.

      MCSE set the tone for most certifications, memorize answers and pass multiple choice exams. You show up with an RHCE, CISSP that’s one thing, multiple choice certification …

    3. @trolling dirty 50/50 some people actually wanna learn that’s why they take up certifications

  6. I’m a couple of hours in and wanted to say I really enjoy your teaching style. Thank you for leaving all the little mistakes and hiccups in. It really helps to see how you use the documentation and solve problems. That shows the kind of real-world skills that will be necessary to actually use Terraform in a production environment.

  7. I have used this Course to prepare for the certification and passed the exam on 7th Jan 2022. The Content is completely aligned with the exam objectives. Thanks Andrew for providing such a course . it is of a great help for the people who are planing to give this cert exam.

  8. Mohamed Abubucker

    Today I passed my exam. this video helped me a lot to me to learn the terraform concept and get my hands dirty by doing the things. many thanks to Andrew for your awesome work.

  9. Great efforts! I would also appreciate if somebody create such tutorial for HC Vault as well. 😉

  10. Marlon Casusol

    Thanks for the training! Excellent balance from theory and practice! Thanks to you I pass the exam!

  11. Thank you for the wonderful course. I’m now Certified Terraform Associate. This course and Terraform Mock exams course in udemy helped crack the exam.

  12. Hello, thanks a lot for the video. I am totally new in Terraform and coming from Database line. Can you please guide me what are the prerequisite things / topics I need to know to become master in TF ? Thanks in advance !!

  13. For anyone who reads this, finished tutorial, did most of hands on, only skipped the one’s that were kind of obvious to follow just visually, then I found free practice exams test, you can easily find it all over the web, just be careful, because there are a lot of outdated or incorrect answers (but says correct on submits), so i always had to check actual docs for the right answer, which also helped to learn.
    I didn’t stress much about this exam to be honest, got 84%, but honestly, if you spend some time on it, you can easily get above 90%. Good luck !

  14. This is brilliant, just passed my Terraform 10 June 2022 exam because of this course. Keep it up sir

  15. Mikołaj Sędek

    Great, very helpful course on Terraform, Andrew – many thanks for publishing it!

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