Gradio Course – Create User Interfaces for Machine Learning Models

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Gradio is a python library that makes it super easy for machine learning engineers to create user interfaces. This complete course coverw all aspects of Gradio, including deployment.

✏️ Course developed by 1littlecoder. Check out his channel:

⭐️ Course Contents ⭐️
💻 (0:00:20) Welcome to this ML App Course
💻 (0:03:15) What's the problem with current ML prototyping
💻 (0:14:08) What's Gradio & Advantages of Gradio
💻 (0:26:05) Getting started with Gradio
💻 (0:35:15) Gradio Components
💻 (0:46:52) Gradio Multiple inputs
💻 (1:04:08) Debugging & Flagging
💻 (1:13:58) Improving UI + UX
💻 (1:29:36) Gradio Sharing + Auth
💻 (1:38:04) Deploying DL Gradio App with Hugging Face Spaces
💻 (1:50:10) Course Finish-up Summary

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28 thoughts on “Gradio Course – Create User Interfaces for Machine Learning Models”

    1. I’m currently running a series on streamlit called #8daysofstreamlit we’re at day 6. Please check it out and let me know your thoughts!

  1. Iftakhar Hussain

    I really wish someone made a video on creating command palette on a website like vscode from scratch.

    1. They already have some from a few people, but I agree there should be more videos, from different people on specific topics, and up to date! OOP was a nice one. How about heterogeneous computing? SYCL, CUDA, OpenCL, etc! Specific libraries such as Eigen, MLpack, Tensorflow? Some of us want to deploy inference in C++ :p


    What’s the best lap to do programing and coding ?
    Is 4GB VRAM enough with 8GB ram and Core i7/i5 ?

  3. Great course. I was about to implement my UI in Django but this one is more easy and elegant. Thanks for the crisp and knowledgeable course.

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