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Learn how to use Google Sheets to create spreadsheets and work with data.

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⭐️ Course Contents ⭐️
(Time codes coming soon.)
⌨️ Welcome
⌨️ Pictures first
⌨️ Anatomy of a spreadsheet
⌨️ Data types
⌨️ Formatting cells
⌨️ Tidy data
⌨️ Sharing files
⌨️ Sharing folders
⌨️ Entering data
⌨️ Importing data
⌨️ Copying & pasting data
⌨️ Notes
⌨️ Comments
⌨️ Chat
⌨️ Selecting & moving data
⌨️ Sorting data
⌨️ Filtering data
⌨️ Filter views
⌨️ Publishing files
⌨️ Version history
⌨️ REPT charts
⌨️ Bar charts with table data
⌨️ Bar charts with raw data
⌨️ Grouped bar charts
⌨️ Bar charts with highlighting
⌨️ Pie charts
⌨️ Histograms
⌨️ Line charts
⌨️ Timelines
⌨️ Sparklines
⌨️ Scatterplots
⌨️ Scatterplots with highlighting
⌨️ Automatic charts with Explore
⌨️ Publishing charts
⌨️ Cell references
⌨️ Counts, sums, & means
⌨️ Dates & times
⌨️ Selecting text
⌨️ Combining text & data
⌨️ Conditional formatting
⌨️ Next steps

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40 thoughts on “Google Sheets – Full Course”

  1. I swear when I start earning well, I will definitely donate something every year to Free Code Camp even if I don’t require coding lessons in future. This channel is just ❤❤❤❤

  2. This is great! I’ve just started studying data analytics and have been looking for a course covering this!!!

    1. Can you please tell me how you were able to work on the file because I wasn’t grant access to edit the file.

    2. @Megha Sharma Hey there! I would start with a good foundational course – things like Google Professional Certificate in Data Analytics (Coursera) or IBMs (older but good) course on the same. Look to learning the fundamentals of sheets, SQL and cloud computing. And don’t forget Tableau. Hope that helps.

  3. Please stop with these outrageously good and free tutorials. I need some free time after work and all I find is this, and I can’t ignore it because the subjects are soo good.
    There are no words to describe the quality of your content and the value you bring to the community ! Thank you so, so much ! 🙏☺️🤯

    1. I feel the same! I can’t even find time to watch movies or tv shows these days, because there are so many good tutorials instead.

  4. I’m sure Google Sheets offers almost all the features Excel has to offer for example pivot tables, pi graphs, all the various charts, V-lookups, H-lookups. But my question is can you do macros in Sheets?

  5. Jitendra Shelar

    This is such a great session! Thank you very much sir. All I can say, God bless you all!

  6. Timestamps
    0:00:00 Welcome
    0:05:10 Pictures First
    0:10:40 Anatomy of a Spreadsheet
    0:15:48 Data types
    0:23:02 Formatting Cells
    0:30:00 Tidy Data
    0:36:41 Sharing Files
    0:38:39 Sharing Folders
    0:42:04 Entering Data
    0:46:34 Importing Data
    0:49:31 Copy & Pasting Data
    0:54:10 Notes
    0:56:07 Comments
    0:59:32 Chat
    1:01:52 Selecting & Moving Data
    1:06:19 Sorting Data
    1:08:44 Filtering Data
    1:11:06 Filtering View
    1:14:13 Publishing Files
    1:16:45 Version History
    1:18:56 Rept Charts
    1:21:35 Bar Charts with Table Data
    1:24:54 Bar Charts with Raw Data
    1:26:41 Grouped Bar Charts
    1:33:16 Bar Charts with Highlighting
    1:35:35 Pie Charts
    1:43:34 Histograms
    1:48:41 Line Charts
    1:55:55 Timelines
    1:59:21 Sparklines
    2:06:48 Scatterplots
    2:10:02 Scatterplots with Highlights
    2:12:15 Automatic Charts with Explore
    2:15:33 Publishing Charts
    2:20:55 Cell References
    2:27:43 Counts, Sums, & Means
    null: Dates & Time
    2:39:27 Selecting Text
    2:45:54 Combining Text & Data
    2:52:42 Conditional Formatting
    2:56:58 Next Steps

  7. Really grateful for this awesome free course! 🙂

    I did notice Data types was repeated at 2:32:12 where it should be been Dates & Times for the Using Formulas section.

  8. I already knew a lot of this, but man, sparklines were something I never knew about, and now I need to add them everywhere I can; I love visualizing data at a glance. Control + Tilde to toggle formulas is fun neat trick too. Thanks.

  9. Actually it is possible to format a single data point with different color or change the general appearance, no need to create a grouped column chart as stated in (1:35:00).
    I don’t know which version of Google Sheets has been used for the tutorial, but it is possible right now (Nov 2021) 🙂
    Thanks for this great tutorial, I really learned a lot!

  10. Thanks for this course!! I will be doing this today. I have used this for my tutoring many times and it is a great idea to level up my skill set.

  11. Vishwanath Pratap Singh Rathor

    The entire point of data analysis is to simplify things in a way that helps you reach your practical goals, you want to bring it into focus.

  12. Prem Sagar Yekula

    Absolute masterpiece‼️Crystal clear and fantastic way of presentation! Got an idea of all the different possiblities what Sheets can accomplish! Please keep up the good work!!!👍🏼😊

  13. Haven’t even hit 10 minutes and he has shown the importance of graphs and will change how I use google sheets. Gonna be a great video

  14. Thank you so much for producing this. It’s so hard finding free resources for these types of programs, and I’m so grateful that you take the time to make these videos.

  15. OUTSTANDING : clear, progressive, perfectly clear diction. One the best instructional videos on any subject I’ve seen. World class. Cannot believe this is free. 🙏

  16. siddhesh daphane

    After getting a job I will definitely donate. This is how students need to learn. Free of cost and from expert. Thank you for your every course.

  17. Learning Stuff

    I thought I knew everything there was to know about Google sheets… Thank you for an awesome training video… I watched it at 2 x speed and learnt 8 things that I wish I had known earlier!

  18. Rashmiranjan Srichandan

    Thank you for the video. Would you please assist me here. I have a situation where I wanted to subtract the respective row value from grand total in a pivot by using calculated field. Is it possible?

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