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Google Quality Control – Is Your Website Ready?

4 Must Haves For Google SEO

At the time of this report, Google is most likely considered the most powerful search engine.

Not to say Google SEO tipsthat everything you do must be geared toward them but there are some things you can do to your web design improve your ranking for better SEO.

You have built your new website and want to get listed on Google and other search engines.

Did Google Find What It Was Looking For On Your Website? What Are The Four Quality Control Measures For Google?

There are so many factors involved in getting listed on top that these four little pages are easy to ignore. What are they?

  • About Us Page
  • Contact Information
  • Privacy Policy
  • Disclaimer (Especially for Affiliate Sales)

Does Google really require these four pages on your site?

Maybe – Maybe not but I would hedge my bets as this is a fickle search engine who wants to know that your website is real.

Google Quality Control – The About Us Page

Your about us page can be very short and to the point. Google doesn’t seem to care how elaborate this is but just wants to know you have one.

Example Of About Us Page

Contact Information – Google Admires Sites With Solid Reach ability

The contact page can be as simple as having a phone number, an email or a contact form. Just as long as information exists so that your visitors can ask questions, report problems or broken links, etc.

Example Of Contact Page

The Privacy Policy – One Of The Most Overlooked SEO Tools

Yes, Google does expect you to write a privacy policy for your website. Although you may offer a product or service that requires an elaborate policy, most just need to be simple and to the point.

This page lets your customers know that their privacy is coveted by the website owner and their personal information such as emails is safe with you.

Example of Privacy Policy Page

Should You Put Up A Blog?

The jury is out as to whether this will help your rankings but, if you want to give some “news” to your visitors or introduce new products, services, etc. then a blog is certainly worth considering.

Most hosting companies give you a fairly painless way to place a WordPress blog on your site and Google does seem to like them so go for it if you have the time.

But, be sure and include the four elements of an about us, contact, privacy policy, and resource page to get the most out of Google.

Google Quality Control