Google Cloud Digital Leader Certification Course – Pass the Exam!

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Prepare for the Google Cloud Digital Leader Certification and pass!

✏️ Developed by Andrew Brown of ExamPro.

☁️ Intro
🎀 0:00:00 Intro
🎀 0:13:29 Exam Guide Breakdown
🎀 0:22:11 Additional GCP Resources

☁️ Cloud Concepts
🎀 0:23:12 What Is Cloud Computing
🎀 0:24:05 Evolution of Cloud Hosting
🎀 0:27:19 What is Google Cloud
🎀 0:31:55 Benefits of Cloud Computing
🎀 0:36:22 Common Cloud Services
🎀 0:38:18 Types of Cloud Computing
🎀 0:40:42 Shared Responsibility Model
🎀 0:43:48 Shared Responsibility Model for Compute
🎀 0:49:50 Shared Responsibility Model Alternates
🎀 0:53:03 Cloud Computing Deployment Models
🎀 0:56:44 TCO and Capex Vs Opex
🎀 1:00:48 Cloud Architecture Terminologies
🎀 1:05:29 Evolution of Computing

☁️ Global Infrastructure
🎀 1:10:39 Intro to Global Infrastructure
🎀 1:11:18 Regions
🎀 1:12:42 Edge Network
🎀 1:14:18 Zones
🎀 1:15:40 Resource Scoping
🎀 1:17:13 Data Residency
🎀 1:18:49 Cloud Interconnect
🎀 1:20:58 Cloud for government
🎀 1:23:08 Latency

☁️ Digital Transformation
🎀 1:24:56 Innovation Waves
🎀 1:26:20 Burning Platform
🎀 1:27:10 Evolution of Computing Power
🎀 1:29:33 Digital Transformation
🎀 1:30:45 Cloud Solution Pillars

☁️ Google Cloud Tools
🎀 1:35:06 Google Cloud Console
🎀 1:35:57 Cloud SDK
🎀 1:36:42 Cloud CLI
🎀 1:37:22 Cloud Shell
🎀 1:37:57 Projects and Folders

☁️ Google Cloud Adoption Framework
🎀 1:39:38 Intro to GCAF
🎀 1:40:48 Themes
🎀 1:42:19 Phases
🎀 1:43:57 Cloud Maturity Scale
🎀 1:47:57 Epics and Programs
🎀 1:50:16 TAM
🎀 1:51:02 Cloud Maturity Assessment

☁️ Core Services
🎀 1:51:45 Compute Svcs
🎀 1:54:02 App Engine
🎀 1:57:22 Containers Svcs
🎀 1:59:19 Kubernetes
🎀 2:00:55 Databases Svcs
🎀 2:03:40 Database
🎀 2:04:40 Data Warehouse
🎀 2:06:01 Key Value Store
🎀 2:07:23 Document Store
🎀 2:08:14 Serverless Svcs
🎀 2:10:27 Storage
🎀 2:13:13 Cloud Storage
🎀 2:16:14 Networking Svcs
🎀 2:19:50 More Networking Svcs
🎀 2:22:11 Networking VPC Features

☁️ More Services
🎀 2:24:09 Internal
🎀 2:25:41 Apigee
🎀 2:27:14 API Management
🎀 2:29:03 Data Analytics
🎀 2:31:07 Dataproc Dataflow Cloud Data Fusion
🎀 2:34:09 Developer Tools
🎀 2:37:02 Hybrid and Multi
🎀 2:39:34 Internet of Things
🎀 2:40:34 Cloud Deployment Manager
🎀 2:41:40 Media and Gaming
🎀 2:42:50 Operations Suite
🎀 2:43:53 Other Group Products
🎀 2:44:31 Firebase

☁️ Migration Services
🎀 2:45:38 Migration Svcs
🎀 2:47:03 Types of Migration
🎀 2:49:21 Migration Path
🎀 2:56:37 Migrate for Compute Engine
🎀 2:57:35 Anthos
🎀 2:58:40 Migrate for Anthos
🎀 2:59:50 Storage Transfer Service
🎀 3:01:06 Transfer Appliance

☁️ AI and ML
🎀 3:03:12 Vertex AI Overview
🎀 3:07:54 Tensorflow
🎀 3:09:22 AI Platform and AutoML
🎀 3:10:49 ML Compute and Notebooks
🎀 3:13:01 AI Svcs
🎀 3:14:32 Conversational AI

☁️ Security
🎀 3:15:54 Identity Access and Security Svcs
🎀 3:18:42 User Protection Svcs
🎀 3:19:21 Secure by Design Infrastructure
🎀 3:21:36 Compliance Reports Manager
🎀 3:22:10 Compliance Programs
🎀 3:25:52 Google Privacy and Transparency
🎀 3:27:44 Cloud Armor
🎀 3:29:35 Private Catalog
🎀 3:30:25 Security Command Center
🎀 3:31:22 DLP
🎀 3:32:41 BeyondCorp
🎀 3:35:45 Access Context Manager
🎀 3:36:55 VPC Service Controls
🎀 3:37:51 Cloud IAP
🎀 3:38:48 BeyondCorp Enterprise

☁️ Identity
🎀 3:40:05 Directory Service
🎀 3:41:36 Cloud Identity
🎀 3:45:25 Active Directory
🎀 3:50:09 Managed Service for Microsoft Active Directory
🎀 3:51:40 Identity Providers
🎀 3:53:13 SSO
🎀 3:54:09 LDAP
🎀 3:55:38 GCDS

☁️ Support
🎀 3:56:05 SLAs
🎀 3:57:56 GCP SLAs
🎀 4:00:13 Support Plans
🎀 4:03:51 Active Assist
🎀 4:04:44 Cloud Support API
🎀 4:05:41 Third Party Technology Support
🎀 4:07:50 Technical Account Advisor Service
🎀 4:08:48 Assured Support
🎀 4:09:40 Mission Critical Services
🎀 4:10:52 Cloud Aware Support
🎀 4:11:28 Operational Health Reviews
🎀 4:12:03 Event Management Service
🎀 4:12:48 Training Credits
🎀 4:14:12 New Product Previews
🎀 4:15:37 TAM

☁️ Billing
🎀 4:16:57 Billing Account
🎀 4:19:13 Billing and Payment types
🎀 4:20:59 Charging Cycle
🎀 4:21:46 Cloud Billing IAM Roles
🎀 4:23:02 Billing Health Check and Budget Alerts
🎀 4:24:39 Built in Billing Reports
🎀 4:25:32 Billing Reports
🎀 4:26:33 Cost Table Reports
🎀 4:27:23 Cost Breakdown Report
🎀 4:28:20 Pricing Report

☁️ Pricing
🎀 4:29:07 Pricing Overview
🎀 4:30:32 Free Trial and Free Tier
🎀 4:36:56 On Demand
🎀 4:37:39 Committed Use Discounts
🎀 4:38:56 Sustained Use Discounts
🎀 4:41:14 Flat Rate Pricing
🎀 4:42:08 Sole Tenant Node Pricing
🎀 4:43:20 Google Pricing Calculator

☁️ Resource Hierarchy
🎀 4:43:59 Resource Hierarchy
🎀 4:46:43 Environment Oriented Hierarchy
🎀 4:47:16 Function Oriented Hierarchy
🎀 4:48:11 Granular Access Oriented Hierarchy

☁️ Follow Along
🎀 4:49:26 Create Folders and Projects
🎀 4:54:54 Billing Overview
🎀 4:59:30 Create a Compute Engine
🎀 5:19:17 Create an SQL Server
🎀 5:34:53 Run an app on App Engine
🎀 5:48:11 Create a bucket on Cloud Storage
🎀 5:52:00 Run a query on BigQuery
🎀 5:54:26 Vertex AI

☁️ Booking Your Exam
🎀 6:06:13 Booking Your Exam

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