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Know Where You Stand ..

Making money from the Internet is not easy, but it can definitely be done. One of the most common ways people earn money online is from placing Adsense links on their websites.

Although not the most profitable, this is an attractive option because you don’t have to be an HTML guru or an experienced webmaster to make the program work.

Nor do you need to invest a lot of money in fancy equipment or pay for tech help to get started. To make the most ofUsing Google analytics your efforts, however, you do need to sign up for Google analytics as soon as your site goes live.

Web Promotion Tool

Analytics is a very powerful tool that gives you a crystal clear picture of what kind of traffic you’re getting on your website.

You get an incredible amount of detailed data on a daily basis, including such helpful information as where your visitors are coming from, how long they’re staying on your site, which pages or posts they’re reading, and how often they click outgoing links. Furthermore,

Google web analytics allows you to customize your reports to show the data you’re most interested in, which significantly cuts down on the time you have to spend sifting through a bunch of numbers.

Don’t Buy It!

Webmasters and site developers who don’t know about Google web analytics might be tempted to pay hundreds of dollars for similar software because the information yielded is so powerful. By knowing the surfing tendencies of the people visiting your site, you can tailor the content and ad placement to your audience’s preferences.

Traffic Generation with Google Analytics

This marketing technique can result in better click-through rates, which in turn leads to higher profits. But don’t even think about paying a dime for this kind of software. Google analytics is totally free, and works better than most other programs out there.

All you have to do is place a small, unobtrusive snippet of code somewhere on your site or blog, and the data will start flowing in.

A tool you can use no matter what kind of website design you have. Online retailers use the data to determine which landing pages attract the most customers and which products have the best conversion rates. Bloggers use the data to pinpoint their most popular posts so they can write similar articles to keep attracting visitors.

Advertisers use Google web analytics to figure out which AdWords are likely to deliver the best results. The nature of your website truly doesn’t matter. Everyone wants more traffic, and that’s precisely what you can get by making adjustments based on Google’s input.

If you’re serious about making money with your websites then you have to start tapping into the information provided by Google web analytics.

Once you learn what the numbers mean and how to tweak your sites to take advantage of the info, you’ll be able to earn more than ever before.

Google Analytics