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Fun Copywriting Tips – 6 Tips to Make Your Website Fun

fun copywriting tipsLine after line of information can turn off an Internet reader in a hurry so make your web copy fun and upbeat to hold attention. So, I thought I’d share 6 fun copywriting tips to keep your readers engaged – and on your site.

You’ve probably read enough articles, news stories, press releases and books to distinguish different tones and moods in the web writing style used by the copy writer or author.

Simply change a few words, add punctuation and pauses for effect. Then, use a different way to separate related topics.

A good writer is able to change how the reader feels about the write-up – and them.

Fun Copywriting Tips for Web Pages – 6 Tips to Keep Your Reader Interested

So you think you’re too serious or businesslike? I don’t think so. Even if you’re a college grad you can “dumb down” your web copy as well as the next guy (sorry).

Here are six ways you can make your web page copy fun and more upbeat:

Somebody’s Got to Read Your Copy! They Might Not Get It

When writing copy, avoid wrapping your content in a veil of secrecy and enigma. Being mysterious is fine for puzzle makers and fortune tellers but it doesn’t always work with writers.

Use an unassuming tone in writing instead. Avoid being overbearing or condescending. Just write clearly and use a light, undemanding tone.

1. Introduce Humor When Writing Web Pages

Humor is very nearly a universal language, which means that with the right words, you can affect the way people see things and even cause them to break into a smile or even laughter.

To make your web copy upbeat and fun, inject humor into your writing. Be lively and write with enthusiasm.

If you’re bored, it will be reflected in your finished copy. Don’t be afraid to make people laugh because it’s often the easiest way to show them what you mean.

Question: “Do you see a glass as half empty or half full?

Answer: “It depends. If you’re pouring, the glass is half full. If you’re drinking, it’s half empty.

See, even I can be humorous if I absolutely have to!

2. What About “Three Dollar Words”?

Some of the best and well-loved writers of the past and present centuries used simple, easy to read language.

Anne Rice, Stephen King, Ernest Hemingway, John Steinbeck, Paulo Coelho and Isabel Allende are the kind of writers that did not require their readers to read their works with a dictionary next to them.

As a result, their fans find it easier to understand and appreciate their efforts.

To keep the mood of your copy upbeat and fun, don’t try to exert too much effort to impress your readers.

They want to be entertained and to be informed – not bewildered or confused.

Don’t make it too hard for them. Use long, complicated words only when necessary or as a requisite in the article you’re writing.

3. Make Your Web Copy Flow – Slang Words? Maybe!

Very often, to make your website copy upbeat and fun, you might have to use colloquial terms or slang.

This is often the case when the term you’re considering is too technical for your readers to appreciate. And remember, good web design means your audience can understand your intentions, and keep reading.

4. Offensive Words in Web Copy Writing — A Big No No!

Sometimes, in an attempt to make writing upbeat and fun, some writers make the mistake of using words that are entertaining only to a few but highly offensive to the majority.

Words that reflect bigotry, hatred or prejudice can seem upbeat but may not be effective in the context of the whole write-up. Avoid these words.

5. Everything to Everybody – NOT!

There is no way your writing will be able to appeal to every reader. Not even the best and brightest writers have been able to do that.

This is why writers have target audiences or niches and why write-ups are characterized by genre.

Can you imagine horror master Stephen King writing a romance novel in the style of Harlequin books? Of course not. Writers will always have their own styles and a niche segment of the audience who admire them.

6. Keep to the Point in Writing for the Web

To keep your copy upbeat and fun, avoid trying to cover several genres or styles of writing in one article when you design your website. Use one or two at most.

Whether you’re writing a humorous story, a satire, a critique or are simply offering your opinion, stick to a tone of voice that is the best vehicle for the message you want to share.

Fun Copywriting Tips