Curriculum Expansion: Math + Machine Learning + Data Science

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30 thoughts on “ Curriculum Expansion: Math + Machine Learning + Data Science”

  1. Norbert Klรกr

    I really welcome that you guys branching from the interactive tutorials, especially because software enginners not only need to know how to use a frameworks or programming languages. Well done!

  2. I really like the idea of not having all of the projects (bosses) at the end of a section. Many cheers, to all the work you have been doing on freeCodeCamp!

    1. Thanks, Shawn. And thanks for everything you’re doing for the community through your many contributions. By the way, I just modded you here on YouTube so if you see any comments that violate the code of conduct, you’ve got power here. See you soon.

  3. The fact that they are making all this linear is awesome. I have a major problem with switching between learning paths so much that It really hinders my progress.

  4. I am a student from developing world. Definitely gonna donate after my first job. Just wanna say *You are the guiding light in this world full of ignorance, Quincy* Thank You

    1. Thanks for your kind words, Anant. We are going to keep doing everything in our power to help share these skills with aspiring developers around the world. We will welcome your donations after you’ve made it big. For now, please don’t stress about this. Those of us who have the means to donate will continue to do so, making it possible for everyone to learn โ€“ regardless of where they are starting from.

    2. @Quincy Larson Hey Quincy, what certifications will become Legacy Certifications? I’m most interested in the first 2 (Web Design & Front End) but I’m dubitative about starting if they’re receiving modifications soon.

    3. @masterneme The first 6 certifications will stay the same in terms of their name and their certification projects. Only the practice projects will change (which are all optional). So you can plow forward with confidence that you won’t have to redo anything ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Thank you for the work that you put into this. Gave a depressed, moneyless university dropout hope for the future.

  6. this is the type of curriculum I have been looking for. I am not a science guy. I studied business all my life and I know basic CS and Math. I have been very confused about what to learn and what not to learn? hope it will help so many students like me. Thank you.


    This is the best year of my life, FCC’s courses, the return of The New Boston and Mike Dane, it’s awesome.
    Pd: Sorry for my bad English

  8. Vinicius Elias da Silva

    This is incredible, help so much for beginners like me. Thanks from Brazil, I hope this project grow much more.

  9. This is right on time for me. I am currently studying to pass my AI and machine learning certifications. Being able to get a math refresher would be wonderful.

  10. I’m really looking forward to the launch of the new curriculum expansion!! I’ve done the Responsive Web Design certificate and I am nearly done with the JavaScript certificate. I’ve been doing stuff on multiple other platforms in addition to FreeCodeCamp, but FCC was the very first platform I started on. It’s given a direction to go in when Covid really did a number on my career.

    1. I’m sad to hear that Covid set you back career-wise. Hang in there and continue expanding your skills, and building your reputation and your network. Opportunities are out there. We’ve got your back, skill-wise.

  11. I promised myself to donate after getting first job! I had started my job as a programmer since 5 months ago..I donated usd30 as a token of appreciation! Thank you and hope this action is helpful to the curriculum expansions! Cheers!

  12. A Great initiative from FCC. I wish all the best for meeting the preliminary requirements at the earliest possible time so that the program can be rolled out to benefit many aspiring data scientists.

  13. Gotta love to see you guys dedicating so much time to help people educate themselves for FREE. These are the things that make me believe that there are still humble, honest people who put their impact on society over the value of monetary gain. Much respect and love to you all!!

  14. npm install skills -g

    Question: How do you prevent someone using your VS code instances ( vms) from using them as a attack vector to DDoS a 3rd party sites? Are you using any built-in security features like Cloudflare to detect and stop something like that from happening?


    I love Freecode Camp is staying true to its mission and vision. Reminds me of Khan Academy in a way. I donated a meager sum a few days ago. Love what you are doing here. You really help lots of people, especially those who are unfortunate enough to not have the resource to learn and be educated.

  16. You’re amazing guys. Can’t wait to start in few months on your platform. Makes me wanna brush up the topics myself before it’s published by you and maybe help but I’m far from having the skillset yet.

  17. What a fantastic idea! the current courses were awesome but Quincy and the FCC lads are taking it to the next level!
    Well done fellas I’ve donated a small amount, but when I get my job I’ll become a regular big donor.

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